Friday, November 30, 2018

Randomly On A Friday

I've got a few random bits and pieces today, beginning with this llama I surprised during a recent visit to WoodsEdge Farm. He was concentrating on eating grass with his head down, but I laughed at his look of surprise when he looked up and saw me!

I both loved and hated The Handmaid's Tale, and the same was true of the Hulu series (it was almost worse seeing it on the screen in front of me), but I am sure that I will be reading The Testaments in 2019. Too bad none of the libraries I use to access Overdrive will let me place a hold on it ... yet.

What couldn't be fixed
Rose-Lynn Fisher

I think the photomicrographs that Rose-Lynn Fisher takes of her tears are just beautiful. They look like aerial photos, but are really pictures of her own tears. She began taking them after she reconnected with an old friend who died soon afterwards. The photos are different depending on whether the tears are air-dried or compressed beneath a coverslip, and settings on the camera and microscope, but I love the idea that her curiosity was piqued even while she was in the midst of sadness. I see several heart-shaped islands with tributaries and inner geographic land forms and cities above, all captured within a tear.

This photo is from five years ago, but it was lovely enough that I wanted to share. I'm heading back to NJ tomorrow and while I won't see any blossoms yet, I do hope the leaves have grown on both of my amaryllis at home. I'm excited to see what awaits me!

I'm done with all this random yakkity-yakking, and hope you have a wonderful weekend and your December gets off to a lovely start!


  1. LOL - that Llama photo is great!! And wow! the tears photography - I thought I was looking at a landscape of some kind. Very, very interesting. Happy December Bonny! Safe travels back to NJ.

  2. That Llama! What a face! And, how fascinating is that tear artwork! That amaryllis - wow! I hope this years are equally spectacular!

    And, I am laughing hard at your yakkity-yak pun! Have a great weekend!

  3. How did that publishing announcement slip by me?!?? Cannot wait.

  4. I read the Handmaids Tale when it was first published and was shocked by it's truth and that was 1985! I saw the first movie (1990). When the new iteration came out on Hulu I just couldn't watch. I'm not sure I can get through Testament, either. I AM CHICKEN!
    Love the llama and the Fishers art of her tears. I want to draw a comparison between loss and love, but can't find the words.

  5. llama!! I loved reading the Handmaid's tale more than I thought I would. I tolerate the series on hulu. Season two was rough because it was not from the book and I needed to get over it.

  6. *(Annette here, at the library computer, since my own google account on my home computer still won't let me on your comment page. ho-hum.)
    I just planted all my dormant amaryllises, plus last year's one in river stones. Since our house stays cool they probably won't flower till January.
    I have always liked the Handmaid's tale, written and the old movie was good but the new Hulu one sort of put me off. Even though, I try to read any and all of Atwood's novels.

  7. The tear images are fascinating. And yes , to find inspiration in grief is even more amazing

    1. Fisher's tear prints really struck me. I wish I could see an exhibit of her prints; I could probably stare at them for hours as there is so much to see in them.

  8. The llama is hilarious! I can almost hear him letting out a little shriek of surprise.

    I have very similar feelings about The Handmaid's Tale (and the series made it so much scarier, with its very modern setting), but I will be counting the days until the new book comes out. I just hope it gives a sense of closure to the story; as horrifying as the book was, what irked me the most is that the ending is so vague.

  9. I read the Handmaid's Tale when it was originally published, and I loved it. I missed the first movie; I will have to look that up. I really enjoyed the Hulu series. I am curious why so many didn't like it. My husband watched one episode and commented that it was a bit far-fetched whereupon I told him about all the places in the world where women are currently treated that way. He said he had not thought about that. Yes, I supposed men never have to think about that, but women do. Can you tell I am a rabid feminist? ;)
    I find the tear photography fascinating as an idea and in execution. I am going to put that on the thought train. I'm sure there are some epiphanies in there.
    The llama looks surprised and a bit offended. I would have laughed, too! Great picture! That bloom is stunning! Drive carefully back to NJ, and no yakking while driving.

  10. I, too, read The Handmaid's Tale but I've never been able to bring myself to re-read it and now? With our political climate? NO WAY! Not just to that but to the series, too. I will most likely read the sequel when it comes out next September but I definitely feel apprehensive about it. (It probably won't be available to put on hold at the library for a while, they will need more info from the publisher before they can create catalog records.)

  11. You do the best random posts! Love the animals and the tears ... and I'm undecided about Testament. I couldn't bring myself to watch The Handmaid's Tale (in spite of a strong rec from Sara). I have a new amaryllis to plant today ... hello December!!

  12. I also read the Handmaid's Tale when it was originally published and was quite troubled by it but I was young and never thought too hard about much! When I listened to it this year I was really troubled by how relevant it was and how so many recent events didn't make it seem so far fetched! I also started the series but didn't continue for no apparent reason. Hoping you had a nice weekend in NJ and that your Monday if off to a good start!

  13. The tears photo and concept is fascinating! Thank you for introducing us to it!


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