Friday, May 11, 2018

Bits and Pieces

Today I've got some random bits and pieces gathered this week.

I call this KWW (Knitting While Waiting). John took the work "party bus" to DE yesterday and I drove down to to pick him up and look at a couple of houses. I texted him when I got there and he said he'd be "right out". I always like to guess how long that might be. This time it was a pleasant five rows worth on Match & Move (almost 20 minutes)!

Justin's birthday is on Tuesday and our plans were to go to NY for a visit and take him to lunch, but work responsibilities have interfered. That means I need to package up his presents and go to the post office this morning. When I made Christmas bags, I also made bags for each of the boys that I used for their birthdays. Even though these are 13 or 14 years old, his fascination with deer still continues (and they make wrapping very easy)!

A few weeks ago, Penzeys called out the President on his shift from "I have not committed any crimes" to "it's a crime to investigate my crimes" and offered their American Soul box of spices for free as part of their call for Americans to stop pretending that things were in any way normal. Bill Penzey has been speaking out against T.rump since he was elected, and this is a company that truly walks their talk. I can't not support a company that does business this way, so I took advantage of their offer, bought another box as a gift for my new neighbor, and also several of their cinnamon boxes as gifts. If you don't already shop at Penzeys (and I know that many of you do), please consider them next time you need spices. They are an extraordinary company with a soul and wonderful products.

I was happy to see a flower stalk on one of my little grocery store orchids. I'm grateful that they thrive on my benign neglect and reward me annually with beautiful, long-lasting flowers (soon)!

Once again (always?) I'm engaged in an epic battle with squirrels. It's been warm enough that I've put my indoor plants outside, including my immigrant hibiscus. The squirrels seem to be obsessed with digging in the pot, many times each day to the point that I'm afraid they are beginning to break and damage the roots. I cursed the squirrels and replaced the soil too many times, so I grabbed a paper plate and scissors, and fashioned my patented Squirrel Stop™. It's worked just fine for several days, but I have thought about improvements to the prototype. This weekend I'm going to look for a section of screen and fit that to the pot as a barrier so the soil will be more open to sunlight for evaporation and for easy watering. Bonny - 1, Squirrels - 0 (for now). 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


  1. I hope that works for the squirrels - our just eat the bird seed and don't do anything quite that bold! Lovely bleeding heart in the background of that last photo, too. I hope the house hunting is going well and you have success soon. And hooray for Penzey's, I so admire their commitment to doing what's right even if it isn't always what's easy.

  2. I am laughing so hard at your Squirrel Stop! Most EXCELLENT!! and I think I will work on your prototype to keep them out of my herbs! They especially love to root around in the rosemary!

    I will have to tell Steve about your waiting game and suggest to him that he might want to take up knitting! I fear I am very much like John in that I keep him waiting more than a fair amount of time!

    Have a great weekend and happy early birthday to Justin!!

  3. Bonny vs. the squirrels ... 2.0!!! The Epic Battle of the SUMMER!

  4. I used to shop at Penzey's in Pittsburgh when Colin and Mailing lived there - great store! Happy Birthday to Justin - love your gift bags - they are great. KWW is great and Match & Move is moving along. Have a wonderful weekend Bonny!

  5. Four rows is a measurement I am familiar with, but it does not relate to time for me. I am afraid my four rows is much slower for me than it is for you. Nevertheless, a great way to spend the time when waiting. I wish I had known that about Penzey's! I shop there often, but was unaware of this move on their part. I will have to visit them again soon. The squirrels are in at least a mid-level management position in my yard. They don't run the joint, but they are into everything. They dig everywhere and eat my birdseed by hurling themselves onto feeders like the flying Wallendas. I do admire their persistence and agility, even when I am contemplating how to keep them in line. I hope you and John have a productive or restful weekend, whichever needs be!

  6. NICE! Those darn varmints. Happy Mother's Day my friend. Here's to some relaxation for you on Sunday. I know you can make it happen!

  7. GENIOUS!!! I love Squirrel Stop! (I'll bet it would work with my chipmunks, too.)

  8. those stinking squirrels. I'm battling a kitten/cat who is CHEWING hand made afghans....WHY??? My solution is to put them in the closet. Happy Mother's day and may you find your second home soon so you don't have to keep going back and forth.

  9. I hope your new and improved Squirrel Stop will continue to do the job! The bags are a great idea for any occasion "wrap". We have a Penzey's here in town and we love to patronize them. May your Mother's Day be relaxing and joy filled, Bonny!

  10. Happy Birthday to Justin! Glad to hear you're winning this year's squirrel battle. and hope you had some success with houses over the weekend. Happy Monday!

  11. I LOVE PENZEY'S! I'm so happy to have a local store.

    Bonny & The Squirrels!
    **munching popcorn**


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