Monday, May 21, 2018

Bits and Pieces from the Weekend

This weekend was nice, normal, and best of all, spent at home and not house-hunting in DE. We've looked at pretty much everything in our price range that is worth looking at, so we took this time to regroup, plan our next visit, and recover a bit from the disheartening and disappointing search. Instead of traipsing around looking at houses with termites and septic drain field problems, buckled hardwood flooring because of a roof leak, or ungrounded two-prong electrical sockets throughout, I watched it rain for most of Saturday.

I've often wished for a water feature, but I wasn't thinking of a small pond in the middle of the garden. 

I forgot about the royal wedding, and by the time I remembered, Justin had claimed our only TV to play a video game (on my X Box!). That was okay; I watched plenty of it on line, while I made chocolate chip cookies for Justin who wondered "why we didn't have anything good for breakfast."

Sunday was cloudy but not raining, so I could at least get out and mow the jungle that the yard had become, and take a look at my orchid cactus blooming on the porch.

I also spied the first blossom on my lime tree, and will be hoping for more.

And most importantly, I found time to make Squirrel Stop 2.0™. It's not pretty, but I think screening will work much better than a soggy, damp paper plate. I do hope the squirrels don't get clever enough to chew on the rubber band holding the screen, but for now I'm winning. 

I hope your weekend also had plenty of fine and lovely moments.


  1. What a fun weekend! This rain is just getting a bit much! We need to mow every other day right now.

  2. So happy your winning the squirrel battle! Your weekend looks much better than traipsing through rainfilled days to look for a house would have been. You've a lot of lovely things in your world at the moment!

  3. The rain has been something, huh? Everything is so lush and tropical looking...and I know we are not in a tropical region (especially with Saturday's temps only around 56!!). I'm excited that your lime tree is showing signs of a blossom!! And your orchid cactus is gorgeous. Glad you got to spend a weekend at home. And, yes please, I'll have chocolate chip cookies for breakfast!!

  4. We looked at a PERFECT house --- for someone else. It was the nicest, cleanest house we've seen, but it had no soul. So we passed. Then we looked at one where two steps in the door I said oh H*LL no!

    Today is biking day ................ALWAYS a good time.

  5. It's a gorgeous day here today but it's Monday - I wish we'd had this weather on Saturday! Your weekend at home sounds pretty perfect despite the rain.

  6. It all looks pretty great to me! (I was crabby this weekend but I'm over it.) We've got a huge groundhog in the yard next door. Boone was not happy when he got a look at that varmint!

  7. I hope your weekend was as relaxing as it sounds. You deserved some down time! It has been raining here a lot as well, and the yard is lush, maybe a bit too lush - LOL. Usually I am somewhat involved in some squirrel wars, but lately it has been grackle wars. I hope you have a lovely Monday, Bonny.

  8. LIMES!! I'm glad you had a nice weekend at home... a chance to regroup. I saw only wrap-up coverage of the wedding, and it looked very nice. My mother would have been all over it, and I thought of her often over the weekend (what would she think about this, what would she say about that)! She channeled through Kate & her friends as they decided to have a tea to commemorate the occasion -- quite a spread they put on. I found it hilarious that they didn't even watch the wedding, seeing only next-morning wrap-up coverage!

  9. Home hunting is different than house hunting - choose a mantra like “there’s no place like home”!
    We have squirrels and more critters, rain or sunshine those numerous rodents that invade our territory are everywhere - we have chipmunks that seemingly multiply exponentially. Especially when we are on vacation - we were just in London England (yikes!) but missed the wedding by one day. �� The atmosphere there was, business as usual! ( though plenty of M+H touristy gifts everywhere.)
    My last weekend thus was getting back to the usual quotidian daily quiet rural life I lead, plus knitting.

    1. This will just be a temporary house for 3 years or so, so I'd be happy to find just a modest place that doesn't require major repairs! Your trip to England sounds lovely, and also lovely to return to your quotidian rural life.

  10. I'm glad you were able to regroup. at home. with Justin! I LOVE the little "TM" by your Squirrel Stop. It is a great idea!!

  11. House hunting is not easy. Good luck with those squirrels. They are so persistent around here. I like your solution though and may give it a try. Send the rain west.

  12. I am confident you will outsmart the squirrel in time. However, I am not outsmarting my dog and cat as of yet. I am glad you had a reprieve from the house hunting. It can be all consuming!!


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