Monday, October 9, 2017


This was kind of a slow weekend, with muggy weather and humidity thick enough that I felt like I was slogging around in slow motion. I ran a lot of errands on Saturday and watched the interesting clouds that Nate brought.

 For some fun when all the errands were done, I shot my bow again.

First round

Last round

Not perfect, but everything is starting to come together. Every day last week, I practiced pulling my bow back without an arrow, to better learn the process and build up the shoulder, back, and arm muscles I need to pull and hold 35 lbs. The practice is starting to pay off; shooting felt much easier, smoother, even more fun, and I shot so much better. To be continued ...

We finally got some much-needed rain on Sunday and it looks like there is a lot more to come from Nate. That's fine; rainy days are made for knitting, so maybe the gradient will be showing up soon on my Hitchhiker. With green and gold leaves, and grey and gloomy skies, my yarn is the only blue around and I'm happy to spend some focused knitting time with it.

 Here's hoping you've got a bit of blue sky as you start your week!


  1. You're doing great with the bow practice - I had NO IDEA it took so much strength! and I love that you've got some blue in your life right now. My knitting is gray and white ... and seems to blend right in with everything. Happy Monday!

  2. I enjoy hearing about your archery progress, so I hope you'll keep posting about it.

    The way the last couple of days have felt, I keep thinking about the people in Puerto Rico, and how they don't even have the electricity to turn on a fan. Ugh.

  3. We've got Nate's remnants today, too, and it's super muggy! Good job with the bow practice, Dale is impressed and said he likes your arrows.

  4. I love your first/last round photos! Your practice certainly is showing, and I'm sure that's a great feeling. Looking forward to more!

  5. Again . . . you are AWESOME! Taking a risk by learning archery is definitely stepping out of your comfort zone. And look at you!!! What great progress. I love it! XOXO

  6. We finally got some much needed rain and could use some more, but Nate is tracking well to the east of us...I am more than ready for some real Autumn weather! Your progress in archery is great, I didn't know it took that much strength to shoot an arrow!

  7. Wow, I think my calling you Katniss was predictive! With your dedication, and your obvious skill, you are making incredible progress. (I would still be shooting wildly enough to scare people, if I were you.) I hope it is fun for you, that's the most important thing. Nate took a right before he got to us, so no rain. Send him back down this way when you are through with him, please. Have a fabulous Monday!

    1. It really was much more fun the second time, and I'm looking forward to the next time I can practice. We had a gray, muggy day with Nate yesterday, but the rain was wonderful. Today looks like a good laundry day before more rain tomorrow. I will try and send some rain your way!

  8. We've got a beautiful few days happening around here! And good job on the bow...I know how hard it is!

  9. the weather is the same here, muggy and warm, but my views are beautiful! Autumn is beautiful and the fact that I'm in AC makes it even more beautiful. Look at you with your archery progress!!

  10. You've made so much progress with your archery. We're on Hitchhiker gradient watch...


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