Monday, October 2, 2017

Small Success

This weekend I assembled my new bow limbs into a bow that could actually be shot. It looked pretty good lying on the dining room table, but then came the hard part -- I had to actually shoot it. John and I took it over to my mother-in-law's because her closest neighbor is at least a mile away and I didn't want to scare my neighbors (or have an audience). I'll just post the photos, in hopes that someday after quite a bit more practice, I can look back at them and see improvement.

First round:
One arrow barely in the corner, two arrows in the grass behind the target

Second round:
Two arrows in the target, one far beyond the target buried in long grass that took 20 minutes to find

The third round was so bad I couldn't even bear to take a photo.
Fourth round:
Three arrows in the target

Triumphant fifth round:
Three arrows in the target again!

This probably doesn't look like much, but there are a lot of things to remember, all at the same time. How is my stance? Is my arrow nocked in the right place? Am I anchored correctly? Am I anchoring consistently? Am I gripping the bow too tightly? How is my string hand? Do I have the bow canted just the right amount? Am I sighting in front of where I want to hit, taking trajectory into account? Why are these arrows I bury in the grass so hard to find? I have a long, long way to go, but I think that learning this new, complex skill can only be a good thing for me. It's going to be quite a while before you can call me Katniss or I've got bullseye photos, but hitting the target with all three arrows on two consecutive attempts felt like an accomplishment, so I'm going to call it a small success (and fun, too)!


  1. Well, there was definite improvement there! I think archery would be a fun challenge.

    Isn't it funny how, once you know something well, you don't even think about the specifics, but when you are learning something it seems there is just too much to remember all at once?

  2. What fun Bonny! You are doing great (and hitting your target more frequently than I do). Many of my arrows are difficult to find in the tall grass, weeds, woods, etc. Isn't it fun? And, can you feel it today in your back and shoulders? We were going to shoot some yesterday, but Tyg was outside somewhere and we won't shoot unless he is inside (never knowing where he is...).

  3. I think your improvement is great AND it is a LOT to remember and think about each time you shoot!

  4. Learning new complex skills is challenging and can be a lot of fun! I am very impressed with your improvement on the first day! Before you know it, you won't even have to think about each step. Enjoy!

  5. I'd be impressed if you hit the target AT ALL. Since I know nothing about archery and it seems extremely difficult, I find your improvement exciting! Is it fun? On top of learning something new you have a great new way to play.

  6. Yahoo! And yay for you!! Before long, I think some of the things that you need to work at so hard right now will become second nature. I took archery both years that I went to summer camp -- so long ago, but I still remember how much fun it was! Good luck.

  7. You are AWESOME!!! Just AWESOME!!! XOXO

  8. That is great! I did an archery day a year or so back and there is so much to take into consideration! I'm glad you had fun too!

  9. I think that is VAST improvement in a short time, Bonny! You efforts are impressive. Pat yourself on the back and enjoy your improvements. Be patient with yourself, you are learning a new complex skill. I can't wait to see your efforts after a few months, Katniss-in-waiting.

    1. Thank you so very much for your encouragement! I went out hoping for something close to a bullseye, but after the first few attempts I had to realistically adjust my expectations to be happy if I hit the target. I really am looking forward to the practice it's going to take to get stronger and more proficient. We'll see if I can hit the target again tonight!

  10. I love that you went elsewhere to target shoot :) Looks to me that hitting anything on purpose with a bow and arrow is fantastic! That is NOT easy to do....

  11. Wow, I think that is some improvement, somewhat jealous as archery is something I would love to try, one day hopefully I will, carry on with the practise you are doing well.


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