Monday, February 13, 2017


This weekend, I made sure to get out and enjoy the beauty of the snow we got while it was still around.

Snow-covered trees blended in with the gray sky before the fierce winds stripped them of their white blanket.

The day after the storm, I got to enjoy a brilliant sunrise contrasted with the gray whiteness of the snow.

Blue skies even made an appearance.

And there was a road less traveled. I couldn't resist making the first set of footprints on this woodland path.

Back home, a delicious mug of hot chocolate provided the perfect warm-up.

Hope your weekend included some beauty and warmth!


  1. that is my kind of weekend! your photos are beautiful and I can hear the quiet :) :)

  2. Fantastic photos, Bonny! Wow - that sunrise! Stunning!

  3. Your snow pictures are beautiful, especially that sunrise and the pond.

  4. Glad to see you were out and about! Beautiful shots there Bonny!

  5. Your photos really show the effects and beauty of nature. What a sky!
    It's quite cold here, but we have a few days of clear blue skies! The sun is welcome. We'd take some of that snow off your hands.

  6. Beautiful photos! What a lovely winter walk!! We had rain on Saturday night... and we'll see 40s and even 50s as the week progresses... so our snow (of the moment) is disappearing. 'Tis only mid-February, though, so I'm sure it's not the end of that.

  7. You made it look and sound beautiful Bonny! (but I still like my weekend weather better ;-) ... hope the out and about in the snow means you're feeling better.

  8. Perfect! Lovely photos, Bonny. I'm so glad you got out in the snow. We haven't had much lately (so unusual), so I'm sort of missing it.


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