Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hello, February

Dear February,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
The finest one is that you have only 28 days.
There's Ice Cream for Breakfast Day on the fourth,
though I'm not sure we need more cold here in the north.
Valentine's Day is not my favorite,
but if I receive chocolate, I'll surely savor it.
Your Fastnacht Day is the best day of all,
Doughnuts may be even better than alcohol!

Doughnut-loving Bonny

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  1. Your February sonnet is delightful however, thoughts of ice cream for breakfast, chocolate, and doughnuts are temptations that are hard to resist!! February you not kind to the dieter! XO

  2. I love any reason to have a doughnut! (And have learned something new thank-you.)

  3. Oh, donuts. When we lived near Detroit, MI my husband at the end of his work shift, would get in line at a Polish bakery at 4:00 am and buy "paczki" donuts. They are the best, especially the prune filled ones!

    1. I've never had paczki, but just looked them up and they sound delicious! I may need to hunt for a bakery in my area that makes these!

  4. Right now, I would walk over a basket of kittens for a donut.

  5. I had to look up Fastnacht Day. That doughnut looks good!

  6. Ice cream is not my favorite thing in the winter months, but I'll take a doughnut, please! (And YES to the paczki! See if you can find some toward the end of February at a bakery near you!) XO

  7. Oh, this is just so awesome! And now I want a donut.

  8. Oh yes! That doughnut looks yumm-mmy. Half way through February's cold days is Inversion Be Gone Day (my name for Valentines Day)!

  9. What a fantastic post! You're so clever.

  10. You crack me up! love that plate, btw - I have a few in green ... yours definitely makes a better backdrop for a donut.


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