Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs

Like every other town in America at this time of year, my town is lousy with signs.

The citizens in our town have been fighting about what to do with the Union Hotel on Main Street for years, and now each side has its own sign.

The "just knock it down" proponents have expressed their enthusiasm with a multitude of exclamation points, and a misspelling.

The redevelopment and adaptive reuse side chose grammatical correctness.

And then there are the political signs. With only two weeks to go, they are everywhere. I wonder if anyone has ever seen one of these and exclaimed, "Yes! That's the candidate I'm voting for based on the attractiveness of their sign and the fact that I'm bombarded by them at every turn!"

Some of these are amusing, like the McCain/Palin sign I see on my walk route every day. I'd love to ask the homeowner if he longs to return to 2008, but political discussions might ruin the peacefulness of the walk. There's also Joey Novick, who promised back in May that he was "Not running this year. If written in, will not run. If elected, will not serve." Joey seems to have changed his mind and gotten a good deal on signs. I've counted at least 30 on my three-mile walk.

I'm not fatalistic, and won't be voting for this scenario, but my favorite sign did make me laugh out loud. That's a good thing during this seemingly endless season of signs.


  1. Oh! That last sign! :-) I actually see fewer signs this year in my neighborhood this year. Really. Hardly any! I don't know if people are numb, embarrassed, or just plain grumpy -- but there are surprisingly few political signs right now. (Phone calls, though? Oh. . . we've got those in spades.)

  2. A great take on the signs of local politics. I'll be glad when it's two weeks from tomorrow and the signs all go away.

  3. We don't have many signs around here, Thank goodness! I find them to look quite too much like clutter.

  4. I am laughing, out loud, and hard! Best post ever! And, that last sign! I'll take 3 please! Hahahahaha!

  5. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! A good laugh is much needed this time around!

  6. Soooo funny! There are some STRONG political opinions in my workplace and I will be so glad when this is over! We even have someone with the meteor sign up in his office. :-) Thanks for the laugh Bonny!

  7. that last sign made me laugh! thankfully, I haven't seen too many political signs around here, but I've had plenty of unsolicited phone calls and mailers. I wonder if it really will all be over in two weeks?

  8. I have noticed far fewer political signs than usual in my area. I use NoMoRobo (nomorobo.com) to curb the phone call situation, and it is my policy to never answer unless I recognize the caller. Harumph! I voted yesterday and cannot wait until it's over... hopefully, I don't develop an ulcer in the meantime.


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