Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Right Now - October 2016

I haven't written about current happenings since April (!) so it's clearly well past time for a Right Now post. Also, I can't seem to think of anything else for today, so this is what's going on ... Right Now.

Knitting - Dr. Who fingerless mitts for Ryan's birthday. One is done, and my self-imposed deadline for the second is tonight. I might not finish, but John said he didn't think it would happen, so now I'm entering into the challenge with fervor.

Wondering - Why visits to the car repair guys are so complicated. I had new tires put on my 2012 Subaru last week, but during that visit they found an extra $1900 worth of repairs that I allegedly needed. I'm in the process of figuring out what is necessary and what isn't, but the money and time needed for repairs are both pretty big issues right now.

Learning - What struts are, what they do, and why they might be a bigger job than John and I can do ourselves. I did learn how to install new brake pads on Saturday morning, and will also be learning where my air filter is and how to install the new one later today.

Looking forward to - A short trip to Fort Collins later this week with the whole family.

Reading - Let Me Finish, The Last Days of Night, and Born to Run. They are all good so far, but I'm going to concentrate on finishing at least one so I can start Today Will Be Different for my travel reading.

Wondering - What I should pack. Reading material is all set, but the all-important question of what knitting to take is still undecided.

Drinking - Hot tea (finally!) now that fall weather has arrived. I found a box of Tension Tamer while Konmari-ing my pantry shelves, and it really brings me joy when I add a bit of the rediscovered Rumchata.

Procrastinating - Going to the post office. The USPS and I have a tenuous relationship, as many of the packages I send seem to go missing. I've learned a few tricks (like always ask for an acceptance scan when you take the package to the post office, even if you've purchased postage online) from Bill, my insider friend and customer service genius at our local office, but I'm mailing three important things today. A safe bet will be that at least one of them doesn't get to its destination.

Watching - One of my favorite movies, The Imitation Game. It's informative, moving, sad, full of lovely knits, and I was thrilled to find it on Netflix this month.

Grateful For - A yoga teacher friend telling me to "Let It Be" since "Letting It Go" seemed to be almost impossible. With "Let It Be", I am better able to put things aside, sometimes for a short while until I can gather the resources to deal with the issue, and sometimes for a much longer time when I realize how very little control and influence I might actually have. These three little words have felt almost like magic to me.

What's going on in your world right now?


  1. can you believe that you will all be together????? I'm so excited for you :) I keep hoping that one day we will all be on the east coast....you just never know!!

  2. I admire your willingness to do much of your car repair work yourselves. We gave that up some time ago. I have accolades for USPS and I wonder why you're having so much trouble. How disconcerting to hear that your mail is lost. Your anticipation must be very high and I'm excited for you!

  3. I buy postage online for my parcels and schedule pick up, too. That way, I have confirmation that the package is in the hands of USPS and is on the way (and I don't have to go any further than the front door).

  4. I bow to your mad car service skillz, I'd never dare do anything like that. I won a copy of Today Will Be Different from GoodReads although I haven't started it yet. You must be so excited about your trip!

  5. Have a great trip, Bonny! Give my regards to FoCo! (I loved living there, and so love to visit now.) Enjoy being with ALL of your men. (And I can't even with car repair. . . )

  6. Have a wonderful trip! I'm sure the knitting will sort itself out (I predict you'll start another Hitchhiker ;-) Super-impressed with your car maintenance skills, but sorry you've had to learn/practice them. So glad you found the Rumchata! (p.s. be sure to watch Light Between Oceans when it comes to Netflix - seriously the best hand knits I've ever seen!)

  7. Very impressed by your mad DIY car repair skillz!

  8. Challenge knitting FTW! Almost like the mitt has been thrown? Cast off? Something like that. And, I think you get the Wonder Woman Award with those auto mechanic skills - and I am sure the UN would absolutely approve!! Have a fantastic trip! XO

  9. I LOVE let it be mentality. Enjoy your trip to the fullest

  10. Oh thanks for the heads up on the Imitation game! I love your yoga teacher, I had to sideline the yoga over here due to back issues (there is always something...). However, I am still feeling pretty good. I hate car people, they love to "scare" you and push for stuff that doesn't necessarily need done.

    Here we have inspections so if it won't pass inspection unless I get the work done then I know it's something important. I always get new tires if they say I need them though. I've slipped around on aging tires in the winter and that is not fun at all.

  11. Enjoy your trip to FoCO, my home town!


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