Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Last

While picking the last of the tomatoes yesterday, I took a good look around the garden and saw plenty of the last ...

The last bedraggled clematis

A purple coneflower still persevering

Some final fading honeysuckle blossoms

 A rosebud the deer haven't yet eaten

A slightly spotty rose blossom still hanging on

And one last lantana flower.

I also spied a few of the first ...

With plenty more to come.

It's good to be mindful of the last, the endings, while still looking forward to what is to come, and I'm grateful the garden has reminded me of that.


  1. I definitely prefer the flowers to those fall leaves. Yes, I'm still not ready!

  2. Gardening is the BEST illustration of the "circle of life." There is such beauty to every season!

  3. ooohhh that tree is going to be spectacular! our landscape is pretty much green and brown - the flowers are nearly all gone and the leaves haven't really started to turn (thanks to the hot dry summer, many are simple falling to the ground...)

  4. Your neighborhood is looking a bit like ours. We still have a few annuals hanging on and I saw the most beautiful geraniums, but the leaves are starting to change and the rain this weekend will do its best to change the landscape. Enjoy your last days of blossoming flowers!

  5. Brrr. It's so chilly here the past couple of days... I am appreciating every last reminder of warm weather. I'm not quite ready for fall, but Junah's sure been enjoying the leaves.

  6. I think I enjoy gardening so much because it reminds me of both endings & beginnings & always gives me the hope to keep moving forward. Your garden looks similar to mine right now; enjoy these autumn days!

  7. Beautiful and I love the photo with a fallen leaf photobombing your flower. Our mums are going strong and so are the volunteer marigolds. Everything else is finished!!


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