Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Put It Behind, Look Forward

The power of Ten on Tuesday! I hadn't planned to write lists today, mainly because I wasn't sure I could think of five good things about the summer, but reading other posts has motivated me. So, here are the five best things I did this summer and the five things I'm looking forward to this fall.

  1. Worked in the garden. Yes, work was the key word as it took a lot of planting, weeding, watering, picking, and processing, but we ate string beans, tomatoes, chard, turnips, cabbage, cucumbers, zucchini, and peppers all summer. My freezer is full of string beans, tomato sauce, and shredded zucchini; there are pickles and salsa in the refrigerator, and we're still picking tomatoes and string beans daily. 
  2. Read. Lots of books for Summer Book Bingo, and began to look for a book group that might be a good fit.
  3. Planted some flowers I really love. My flower gardens have been a combination of plants that were here when we moved, transplants from friends and family, and a mish-mosh of other things. For some reason, many of my hostas died a slow death last winter, but I took the opportunity to plant lots of bleeding hearts in their place. Even though it was their first year, many of them bloomed profusely. I also planted lots of columbines that I raised from seed and they have flourished from the loving care (and careful watering) that I have lavished on them.
  4. Knit on the porch. We are fortunate enough to have a lovely front porch, so I tried to make sure that I spent more time knitting out there, at least before the heat, humidity, and mosquitoes got to me.
  5. Finished a baby blanket! This was kind of a big deal for me, as I'm not the speediest knitter, but I got it done a full month before the baby is due. Bonus: I even got it packed, braved the post office, and it has been received in New Mexico.

  1. Having the whole family together in Fort Collins! We're all visiting Ryan for a long weekend for his birthday in October and I am looking forward to this more than anything!
  2. That fall hint of cool crispness in the air. I am not a fan of summer heat and humidity and am so looking forward to delightful blue skies instead of hazy gray and not sweating profusely when I'm outside.
  3. More reading. There are two books I'm anxiously awaiting - Born to Run and Today Will be Different. I'm impatiently counting the days.
  4. Thanksgiving. This is my favorite holiday but it will be very different this year. Neither one of my sons will be here, and because of medical issues, I'm not sure exactly who will be gathered around the table. I love the food, I really love the leftovers, and am looking forward to thinking of ways to make it special, even if it's a big departure from our usual traditions.
  5. Settling. Yes, I stole this one from Kym, but as soon as I read her lists, I knew she had put a name to what I've been feeling. I'm currently trying to settle into my life as it IS and not always wishing things were different. It's going to be a long process, but acceptance of the way things are and not always railing against them is beginning to make a difference in my life, bit by bit.

What were your summer highlights and what are you anticipating this fall? It's the most wonderful time of the year!


  1. Your pictures are beautiful. Bleeding hearts are so pretty. Our Thanksgivings and Christmas holidays recently have been different in that our son and his girlfriend have hosted. I miss the cooking (and the leftovers!!), but they enjoy it so much and, bottom line, it's just important to be with them.

  2. Like me, you managed to find some good things in the summer. I'm glad.

    I hope your fall is as lovely as it can be. We all deserve it!

  3. You know, when Kym used the word settling I didn't really get it but you have explained it perfectly and I think it's just the ticket for your fall. Thanksgiving will be very different, I'm sure, but if you stay with the things that really matter I bet it will be wonderful. And, of course, that upcoming vacation where you all get to be together will give you great memories!

  4. Ah, those holidays when family is afar... I haven't even thought ahead that far, but ours will be quite different again this year too! I'm so excited for your visit in October!!

  5. I'm thrilled you'll be together for Fort Collins reunion!! I hope your Thanksgiving gets to be special in some way :)

  6. I think your garden abundance is just amazing and such a very good thing! And, those bleeding hearts - wow! However, I think your fall looks so promising - time with your boys, reveling in the change of seasons, and settling. Beautiful post Bonny!

  7. Your bleeding heart picture is fabulous (one of my favorite flowers!). May you have a fabulous fall!

  8. Gorgeous photos, and thank you for highlighting those two books. I've just added Today Will be Different to my list!

  9. beautiful photos! Those bleeding hearts are one of my favorites; but really, I love when you share anything about your garden! I'm so glad you've got the trip planned to spend time with your boys in one of your favorite places. I hope it makes Settling a little easier.

  10. I vote for your family celebrating Thanksgiving in October...the Canadians do it then!

  11. I love both your lists! Your books are both on my TBR, too.

  12. Thank-you for the book links! And we've had to make those holiday adjustments too. It's hard but it works. I think trying to always find something to look forward to makes the settling part just a little bit easier.


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