Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for today is to list 10 of Your Favorite Things Right Now. While I don't have raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens on my list, there are plenty of other things I'm favoring right now.

1.  Current knitting - deliciously, wonderfully soft fingerless mitts in Blue Sky Alpacas Royal. This yarn may spoil me for all others.

2.  Double point needle holders - I got tired of losing stitches off the ends of my double points when I put the project in my bag, so I found these on etsy. I ordered the cute bunnies above from thenomeknitter, and the really cool Tardis argyle one below came from pokdej.

3.  Future knitting - I've been looking at this yarn since I bought it at The Loopy Ewe in October  last year. I think I've finally figured out what to do with it (maybe a modified, shallower Hitchhiker) and am looking forward to knitting these great colors.

4.  Emerging hyacinths - Soon!

5.  My jasmine is blooming! - My mother and I both enjoyed growing things, and this 15-year-old jasmine plant is from our last plant shopping trip together. It's getting woody, leggy, and sparse, but I was quite happy to see even a lone flower blossom in February.

6.  Half-price blooming orchids - Our grocery store usually discounts these little orchids after a holiday, so I was thrilled to find these Valentine's leftovers for only $5 each.

7.  Celestial Seasonings Dirty Chai - I almost did a little dance in the grocery store aisle when I spotted this. No, it's not quite as good as the dirty chai from Alley Cat in Fort Collins or Ragged Edge in Gettysburg, but our lone coffee shop makes really bad chai, so this is much better than having none.

8.  Starburst Jelly Beans - Yet another treat from the grocery store this week!

9.  Warming temperatures - Yup, 50 degrees at 10:42 am.

10.  And because it's 50 degrees, I get to enjoy another one of my favorite things, hanging laundry outside!

I'm looking forward to reading others' lists, and I hope you all 
have a great week ahead, full of lots of favorites!


  1. We had a bit of a warm up here over the weekend but now it's cold and we're supposed to get a little snow tonight. I want spring! Love your list, Bonnie.

  2. what a bright and happy list! I really LOVE all the sunshine in your photos as we head into day 4 of rain... I knit with that BSA Royal a few years back (a baby hat?) and remember how soft it was. Your mitts are going to be lovely.

  3. The chai sounds great! And I have never heard of the Ragged Edge. Do you live near Gettysburg? Our oldest son does. I will have to check it out.

  4. Knitting with those bright colors will be wonderful during these last gloomy days of winter. (It's so . . . dull . . . outside right now.) Love your list of cheerful favorites. XO

  5. Mmm I was going to suggest a Hitchhiker. No yarn looks bad in that pattern.

  6. That yarn will be a gorgeous Hitchhiker! And, laundry on the line - such a great thing. Nothing in the world can imitate that smell.

    I love your list!

  7. How I wish I could hang laundry. Nothing smells as good as fresh air dried sheets. You have so many great things as favorites!

  8. I love those needle holders. What a great idea. I hung laundry outside this weekend too and it smelled great!

  9. So many great things on your list. I'm still a chai rookie but that looks so good!

  10. I love that multicolored yarn!! I don't knit or crochet, but I love yarn! Dropping by from Carol's link. Have a happy Tuesday

  11. That yarn for a hitchhiker would be perfection!

    I wish we could have sat outside today - alas, it was chilly and raining all day. We are not allowed to hang laundry outside. Wish we could as I love the way it smells!

    Linda in VA

  12. I love hanging laundry outside, too, but it will be a while!

  13. What yummy yarns! Gorgeous colors!

  14. this post screams springtime! I love your stitch holders, clever idea. And that yarn!!!! Oh my goodness :)


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