Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ten on Tuesday - Groundhog Day!

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for today is in honor of Groundhog Day (both the movie and the "holiday") - 10 Moments/Events/Days In Your Life You'd Like To Repeat.
I have plenty!


1.   My wedding day. This isn't because I want to put on the dress (although I do wish I still fit into it!) and walk down the aisle again. It's because we were lucky enough to have almost every single one of our family members, friends, and loved ones gathered together in one place to celebrate with us. So many of those people are gone now, and if I could repeat that day, I'd hug them all a little tighter and tell them all how much I love them.

2.   The day Ryan was born. Yes, lots of pain, but it was all forgotten once I held my first son. I remember it well, but it was such a miracle that it would be wonderful to repeat.

3.   Of course, the day Justin was born. It was just as miraculous to hold my second son that I would do it all again.

4.   The day Ryan and Justin set up their squirrel trap in the pear tree. John traveled a lot when the kids were little so I often felt like a single mother for weeks at a time. I was exhausted one spring day and just sat on a blanket outside watching the kids have fun, too tired to object to their crazy plans. Their idea was to attach carrots to fishing poles, paint their arms with mud they had mixed up to camouflage themselves, climb the tree, and reel in the squirrels when they took the carrot bait. They kept coming up with laughable ideas that were fun for all of us all afternoon. It was simply a great day.

5.   The day I graduated from graduate school. There was a lot of family angst associated with this event, but I distinctly remember thinking "Now I'm a grownup." I'm not sure that was true, but it was a good feeling.

6.   The time we went to Glacier Park. The whole park was beautiful, but I was simply awe-struck by the color of the streams and lakes, a really astounding blue. A ranger told me it was due to glacial flour, small pieces of rock ground by glaciers that were reflecting light. I often wish for yarn in that color, but it can really only be seen in glacial waters.

7.   When we went to Grand Teton National Park. We took my favorite family photo at Oxbow Bend. I love the snow-capped Tetons with Mount Moran in the background and the family in the foreground.

8.   Any day that I've been in Fort Collins. Since I only see Ryan once or twice a year and he lives in Fort Collins, that makes it even better. It's a wonderful place, one that I always enjoy and feel at home in. I would be happy to repeat the days we visited The Loopy Ewe, hiked at Reservoir Ridge and Horsetooth Reservoir, enjoyed delicious cheese at The Welsh Rabbit, or toured the brewery at New Belgium.

9.  The day this photo was taken. It was Ryan's college graduation and Justin and Ryan had gone to breakfast together while John and I packed up Ryan's room. A college photographer took the photo, but I didn't even hear about its existence until a few weeks later. I looked through the college's Flickr albums for a month or two and finally found it. My favorite photo of the two of them was well worth the wait and search, as it reminds me of so much about that proud day and my two wonderful sons.

10.  The time I learned that I could think for myself. This wasn't one specific day, but over a period of time in high school that involved some mean girls, I gradually learned that I could think for myself, do what I know is right, and be my own person. I wouldn't relive high school for a million dollars, but that realization was priceless (that's why I'm smirking at graduation!)

I've been lucky enough to have a pretty good life so far with many happy moments
 I'd like to relive. What are the times of your life you'd like to repeat?


  1. We chose a few of the same moments and I think that's pretty great. Your list is awesome and I feel like I know you a bit better, too.

  2. I agree with Carol - I feel like I know you better! And, I just love the "squirrel trap" story! Those kid memories are just the best!

  3. I loved all your photos. I feel the same way about my wedding. After 27 years there are so many people who are no longer with us - it would be great to have them all there at the same time.

  4. You have beautiful pictures to accompany your repeatable moments. You look so happy on your wedding day and I love the picture of your family at Teton Park (I've been in that exact location). I have many memories worth repeating, but few pictures. I love your post!

  5. So many of the same things!(I'm still writing mine...) The trips with kids are just the best. I love seeing your wedding photos!

  6. what wonderful moments and I love all the photos! I'm struck as I read these lists how beautiful everyday moments are what make our lives full (and worthy of repeating).

  7. As I was contemplating posting for this (haven't), your #1 matched one of mine exactly. So many gone! So much I really could have said over the years.

  8. Love that #10! And the styles from your wedding photo.


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