Friday, December 4, 2015

Amaryllis Cam(aryllis) - Week Four

It's too cold for a photo shoot outside today, but there is good news from the Am Cam ... 
Sakura is beginning to thrive! Slowly, but surely. 

Scarlet, Minerva, and Sakura - Week Four

Minerva and Sakura wanted a closeup so you can see that they both have flower shoots emerging. Boastful Minerva even shouts that she has two, while shy and retiring Sakura seems happy to just be and grow at her own pace.

Minerva and Sakura - Week Four

I'm looking forward to seeing what next week brings!

Scarlet, Minerva, and Sakura - Week Three

Scarlet, Minerva, and Sakura - Week Two

Scarlet and Sakura - Week One


  1. You'll have flowers by Christmas and for some time to come! One of my amaryllis has a bud juuuust peaking through. The other, we THINK we see a bit of the tip, but...we'll see.

  2. Woo! It's so exciting!! You will definitely have some blooms by Christmas!

  3. are you taking money as to who blooms first?! I'm sure you'll have multiple blooms come Christmas. and my money would be on Minerva for the long haul (I fear Scarlet might bloom and die off early).


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