Friday, December 11, 2015

Amaryllis Cam(aryllis) - Week Five

She's not quite at her peak, but Scarlet does have some color to show this week! 
Minerva and Sakura are continuing to grow, thrive, and delight me daily.

Scarlet, Minerva, and Sakura - Week Five

I love the faint touches of green at the tips of Scarlet's petals. 
They're not so evident from the from the front in direct sunlight,

but can be seen in the buds and on the backs of the petals.
 I'm looking forward to what next week will bring on the Am Cam.

Scarlet, Minerva, and Sakura - Week Four

Scarlet, Minerva, and Sakura - Week Three

Scarlet, Minerva, and Sakura - Week Two

Scarlet and Sakura - Week One


  1. Scarlet you are a beautiful girl!

  2. Looks like it's Scarlet's time to shine!

  3. They'll be coming in stages which is so cool! Go Scarlet!! My two girls are SO sl-0-0-0-w!

  4. I think your girls are planning a phased in show - blooms for weeks!!! Scarlet looks like a salmon pink on my screen...with that bright green, she's stunning!

  5. So pretty! Reminds me of a star...

    Linda in VA

  6. Ooooo! Scarlet is a beauty! I love flowers with faint green on their petals. I finally picked up an amaryllis for myself this year . . . at my grocery store. I may get another when I run in tomorrow . . . if there are any left.


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