Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Letter

I've only written one Friday Letter this week, but it's about something huge that has taken over the area news and provided both a source of amusement and wonder (as in "I wonder how many ways this can go wrong.") Let's open the mail...

Dear His Holiness Pope Francis,

While I'm not Catholic myself, I like to think of myself as an accepting, live and let live type of person. So I'm glad you're coming to visit, but I'm wondering if you understand the increasingly crazy chaos surrounding your September visit to Philadelphia (We're now calling it Popepocalypse). Mayor Nutter (hmm...interesting name) and his traffic box and pope fence plans; the closing of bridges, major roads, city offices, businesses, colleges and schools from Sept. 25-28; NJDOTs helpful map* showing people their expected 3-7 hour hike times from New Jersey; pregnant women being told to make alternate plans for delivery since many of the city hospitals are within the no-vehicles-allowed "traffic box", and we're still six weeks away from your arrival. I do hope that you have some free time and can escape the pope fence to pick up your own plush Pope Francis doll and maybe even bless the Eagles' quarterback's knees. Wishing you a wonderful visit!


P.S. It might be a good idea to return to Rome promptly after your visit, just in case you accidentally left the stove on or the water running. Also, I have to be in Philadelphia on Sept. 29.

*This map is making the rounds on Facebook. It's too good to not share.


  1. You're letter is well written, restrained (compared to what I'd write-lol) and humorous. But you know how I feel about Philadelphia's Pope plans. And don't get me started on the plans for Philadelphia's homeless during the Pope's visit. Yeah, that's smart...let's hide them and pretend Philadelphia doesn't have this issue. Anyway...Pope John Paul II visited the USA 7 times (from 1978 - 1999) and I certainly don't remember all this hoopla. Granted, maybe we didn't hear about because his visits didn't really affect our area. But for goodness sake, JPII visited LA and NY. I understand they took precautions but they didn't erect fences and have vehicle bans. I guess the plans for the Philly could be a sign of the times AND maybe, just maybe Philadelphia is overestimating. Better to be safe than sorry I guess. I do wish Pope Francis a wonderful visit and that all affected aren't completely put out.

  2. Haha, that's pretty funny! It's kind of how everyone reacts up here when the First Family goes to Martha's Vineyard!

  3. Oh dear dog....I don't even know what to say beyond that. Srsly? Hope your visit to Philly goes off without an hitch and they have all the hoopla cleared out by then.

  4. WOw. HE is a big deal. To me! Im jealous he's coming to your town. may it be peaceful and well coordinated

  5. Thanks for sharing - I had no idea (of course, I don't "do" news :-) ... I'm sorry you have to be in town anywhere close to the pope; good luck!

  6. Oh, my. Good luck with that.
    (Mayor Nutter.) (You can't make that sh*t up.)

  7. I hope he does not cause ripples on the Thursday before or the Monday after, we have the kids coming into Newark for a family wedding!! Jeez.....


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