Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to School

I've always loved the beginning of a new school year, from my own back-to-school days with a new book bag, yellow Goldenrod tablets, and freshly sharpened pencils, through all the years of guiding and reassuring my own sons as they headed back to school. I looked forward to the approaching crisp fall weather, and especially the lovely feeling of a Brand New Year with a blank slate. I always hoped I would have a great teacher, be a star pupil, and have the best year ever.

Bonny First Grade

This year is a bit different. For the first time in 16 years, Justin is not going back to school today. He is perfectly happy with that, and so am I, especially because he has some new, exciting things on the horizon now that he's graduated from college. He is probably very glad that I won't make him stand still for yet another picture as he and Ryan head for the bus.

Ryan 11th grade, Justin 9th grade

Ryan 12th grade, Justin 10th grade

Ryan is beginning another school year today, in fact, he's headed off to 19th grade. He's starting his third year of graduate school, and while my time of buying new pencils, paper, and backpacks is done, this is still a special time of year for me and I wish him well. Things have changed over the years; he's taking some courses, but heading back to school now also means that he is teaching courses. He has the added fun of adopting dual personas this first week of classes since he is filling in as a substitute professor for his advisor while he is off at a conference. That means that Ryan gets to be the professor for a class he is also taking as a student. Interesting things happen when you're in 19th grade!

Ryan starting 17th grade

So to Ryan, I'm wishing you a wonderful day today as you begin 19th grade, and a very successful, happy, productive, and all-around excellent year. I'm sure you'll have great teachers, be a great teacher, be a star pupil, and have the best year ever. 


  1. Some years I loved starting school, other years, not so much, but I always enjoyed the crisp new dress I had for the first day of school. Best to Ryan as he takes off on another of life's wonderful adventures and find a whole new world waiting for him.

  2. Happy School year to HIM. My son now teaches Spanish and he began his classes today. I still get a bit sick when school starts. I LOVE summer

  3. I always enjoyed the new clothes (and the new penny loafers we always got! And new pencils and pens and paper (things I still totally love). But I always got very nervous before the first day of school - even on up through high school. Sometimes as September comes around each year (even at age 65) - I still get that feeling of nervousness - so odd!

    Linda in VA

  4. the paradox of starting 19-grade as the teacher of your own class sounds exactly like higher math :-)

    best wishes to all of you on your new-year endeavors!!

  5. I loved getting ready for school and seeing all my friends (always after Labor Day)! And I'll never forget the smell of a fresh pack of looseleaf and new erasers. Best of luck to Ryan.

  6. I, too, just loved starting school every year. And now . . . now that I haven't had anyone in my family starting school for several years now . . . I still find myself eager for that Fresh Start in September. Old habits die hard. . .


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