Thursday, October 30, 2014

Time for Treasures

I've spent quite a bit of time this fall scanning family slides into digital format, with the help of this little gadget. It works well, but I vastly underestimated the time that would be involved in digitizing 1700 of my husband's family slides, along with 2100 from my family. I've finished those from my husband's family, and had fun looking through them with my sister-in-law and Oldest Son. They do provide an interesting view into the past. I'm about halfway through my family slides, and really need to make myself do several trays every day. This is really cutting into my knitting and reading time so I want to finish!

Not every slide evokes heartwarming memories; some just make me wonder. I wonder why my father wanted a picture of the air conditioner, and I wonder even more why he took almost 20 photos of the Miss America pageant on TV in 1968.

My slog through slides has also yielded some treasures, like Christmas at my husband's house and photos of the various raccoons they had as pets throughout his childhood. I got to remember some of the wonderful outfits my grandmother sewed and smocked for my sister and I, our cat's birthday party, and me covered with poison ivy. I do treasure them all!


  1. How fun! (Well, except for the poison ivy)!

  2. My dad has thousands of slides. . . I'm thinking of packing them up for him and sending them to ScanCafe for digitizing (because I'm afraid I don't have your patience!). Your photos are wonderful (except for the poison ivy; that is just miserable).


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