Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - The Good Things Edition

Some rather large not-so-good things have been occupying my mind and life recently, so I had decided to skip Ten on Tuesday - 10 Things You Feel Good About Right Now this week. After reading so many inspirational, happy, lovely, and wonderful lists from others, I decided I needed to make a list, now more than ever.

1.  I finally started painting the porch, a project I have procrastinated for far too long. It may not be perfect, but the goal was to cover some porch flooring repairs before the winter, and the primer and first coat are done.

2.  My new furnace guy stopped by today, and I love that he looks and acts just like Tom, the contractor on Gilmore Girls. Tom' s wit, humor, and kindness make me feel good, so I may be inventing reasons to see my furnace guy this winter.

3.  Speaking of Gilmore Girls, I love that it's now available on Netflix. I may never watch regular TV again.

4.  I feel very good that Martina Behm wrote the Hitchhiker pattern. It's perfect meditative knitting, and working on my fifth and sixth ones makes me feel really good right now.

5.  I'm very happy that it's a smorgasbord dinner night; that's what we call leftovers. It's just two of us, and we have enough leftover lasagna, pork chops, chicken casserole, snow peas, etc. to feed six or eight people.

6.  I am thrilled that I was able to luck into an advance reader copy of A Spool of Blue Thread. I was excited when Margene added it to her goodreads list yesterday, so thank you, Margene for letting me know Anne Tyler has a new book coming and thanks to the universe for placing a copy in my path!

7.  I made reservations for Oldest Son to come home at Christmas. I feel very good that he's able to come home and I didn't have to completely max out the credit card to afford tickets.

8.  I also feel good that Youngest Son asked me if Oldest Son would be home for Christmas, and when I told him yes, his reply was, "Good. Home is the place to be at Christmas and we can be together."

9.  I feel good that it's 75 degrees here today, perfect painting weather!

10. Our snow peas also make me feel good. We've had to cover them several nights, but our late-season planting experiment worked, and we have at least another meal or two on the vines along with plenty of lovely flowers.

Making my list has really helped, and I hope everyone else has at least ten things (and hopefully many more) that make them feel good right now!


  1. I'm so glad you decided to make a list. And look at that - it helped! Yay!

  2. You have many good things and many great accomplishments on your list. Very happy to help with the book recommendation and lucky you for getting a very early copy!

  3. I am so happy that your sons will be with you during the holidays. We dropped the ball and we have to go fetch our son in Boston. Train rides are expensive for Thanksgiving!! Lucky you to get an advanced book copy, yay! I should participate in those more often.

    I've been preoccupied with negative thoughts and it's hard to flip it over to the positive. I feel like I have company :)


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