Friday, September 22, 2023

Museum of Me: September 2023

Hello and welcome to the slightly-delayed September opening of the Museum of Me. It's actually the third Friday of the month and the new installment has been delayed for a week because I completely forgot about it. But the doors are open now and the September installment considers the important question: What did your day look like when you got home from school?

From the picture above you might guess that my after-school activities first included a snack, and you would be right. My mother might have made brownies from the Duncan Hines mix that she always used and my sister and I would each have one. Oftentimes, my mother would join us except she cut her brownie into four tiny pieces and ate them each slowly. We used to tease her and ask if she was hoping that some of the calories would leak out that way, but I guess it's just how she liked eating her brownies. But this is where I also learned that life might be unfair. My sister, who was tall and thin throughout our childhood, would eat four or five brownies, but my mother would say, "I think you've had enough, Bonny" after I had just one. (I was not tall and thin.) If we were having Oreos for an after-school snack, I would eat two while my sister would have a whole row of Oreos, sometimes followed by a big bowl of ice cream. The snack was the highlight of my day when I got home from school, up until my mother went back to work.

I don't remember when this happened but she worked part-time at this tiny little post office near our home. Mom was at work when my sister and I got home, so sometimes I ate two brownies, but then the real work started. I was expected to make dinner! That often meant I had to simply put a casserole in the oven that my mother had prepared ahead of time, but sometimes it meant that I had to actually slave away and make dinner. All I can recall is making meatloaf (but surely we didn't have meatloaf every night), with my hands in the bowl kneading together meat, eggs, breadcrumbs, and ketchup. I probably asked myself why I was working my fingers to the bone while my sister ate whatever she wanted and watched Scooby Doo and After School Specials, but this seemed to be expected since I was the oldest. I'll have to ask my sister about this the next time we chat, but her remembrances may differ slightly from mine. :-) 

So what I remember about my day when I got home from school was brownies, making meatloaf, and life isn't fair. Those aren't bad memories. 

So how about you? I'd love to hear about your after-school activities, and if they included snacks and life lessons. We'll be back on the second Friday of October (or when I remember) with a brand-new installation. Thank you for visiting The Museum of Me!


  1. I'm finding this post particularly funny today as I just made meatloaf for dinner this week, and as I was doing it, I couldn't help thinking why I was "slaving" over dinner when I was sick and should be resting -- so I guess life continues to be unfair!

  2. I think brownies must be the universal favorite after school snack! My kids sure loved them! (I made them frequently!) And yes, I do think life is unfair... all those people who can eat whatever they want while I can just look at a brownie and gain weight! Great post! XO

  3. My favorite thing after school was also a snack! I was tall and thin . . . but I was never allowed a whole row of Oreos!!! We had our snacks doled out carefully . . . so they would last a week. Sigh. Life is unfair! (And I just realized that I never opened my museum exhibit this month either.)

  4. Funny, I don't really remember an after school snack as a big deal but I'm sure I had one. I do remember sitting down and watching Another World with my mom, though. That was my favorite part of the day!

  5. wow! cooking dinner! I did my homework as fast as possible so i could chill the rest of the afternoon and evening.

  6. I never had brownies for an after school snack! My mother didn't prepare after school snacks for us. If I was hungry and asked for a snack, I was usually offered an apple or banana or bread & butter. I wanted to get right to my homework so I would have the evening free. My mother went to work when I started junior high and we both got home later than my younger siblings, so my grandmother would make dinner for us.

    1. I'm sorry you didn't have brownies for an after-school snack but glad you didn't have to slave away making dinner like I did. ;-)

  7. Boy, I barely remember details of after school activities. Most of the time I walked home with friends. Once a week I had a piano lesson after school and another day was the Girl Scout meeting. I probably grabbed a snack and sat down with a book. By the time I was in 9th grade my Mom was back to working full time as a nurse. In me early school years, she was home but first worked part time and then full time. I'm afraid we weren't much help in the kitchen.

  8. well ugh. life for sure isn't fair ... and I'm guessing your meatloaf is amazing now! One of the first dinners I made on my own was enchiladas (with sauce from a packet that I had to add things to and cook on the stove, along with browning ground beef and grating cheese - it was good training). What I mostly remember about after school was either staying after for some activity, or coming home to practice the piano or do homework. There must've been snacks, but I have no idea what they were!


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