Monday, March 21, 2022

It's Spring!

Or more accurately, the Vernal Equinox. Technically this arrived at 11:33 am yesterday, but we can celebrate now that it's "officially" spring. In honor of that occasion, I've got some simplistic poetry for you today, but it's one I loved as a child.

Pussy Willow
by Kate L. Brown

Pussy Willow wakened
From her winter nap,
For the frolic spring breeze
On her door would tap.

"It is chilly weather
Though the sun feels good.
I will wrap up warmly,
wear my furry hood."

Mistress Pussy Willow
Opened wide her door.
Never had the sunshine
Seemed so bright before.

Never had the brooklet
Seemed so full of cheer;
"Good morning Pussy Willow
Welcome to you dear."

Never guest was quainter;
Pussy came to town
In a hood of silver gray
And a coat of brown.

Happy little children
Cried with laugh and shout,
"Spring is coming, coming,
Pussy Willow's out."

Brown, Kate L. "Pussy Willow." First Poems of Childhood, illustrated by Tasha Tudor, Platt & Munk,1967.

This poem always said Spring to me as a child and it still does. I hope the weather and some pussy willows (or maybe crocus, daffodils, or hellebores) are saying Spring to you.

(Or Happy Fall if anyone happens to be reading from the Southern Hemisphere!)


  1. That's a perfect spring poem and a great reminder to go look for pussywillows!

  2. What a great Spring poem! We had pussy willows in our yard when I was growing up...maybe we should plant some here! Happy Spring Bonny!!

  3. I remember that poem - fondly - from my childhood, as well. My grandmother had a pussywillow growing in her garden, and I was absolutely in love with it! They were magical. . . XO

  4. Yes, finally! Spring is here, and I think we should celebrate whenever and however we like. It's such a relief to have some sunshine and warmer temps. I would love to have some pussy willows in my yard, and the poem is priceless. Happy, happy Monday, Bonny!

  5. I have never been so ready for Spring as I am right now. Go figure! I usually want winter to stay on.

  6. I love that poem! I have distant memories of reading it (or maybe having it read to me?) But I really love pussy willows!

    Happy Spring!

  7. The poem is new to me, but I like it now and have a feeling I would have liked it as a child as well. It felt strange to welcome spring in a warm climate, but certainly before we left I was noticing the definite shift in seasons at home. When I went out to walk on Friday, I noticed that the air smelled different, so I can tell the ground is finally thawing and things are starting to grow!

  8. Happy spring.

    Our daffodils started opening yesterday. I guess they were waiting for spring to be official.

  9. I remember that poem from my childhood! We had pussy willows growing in our backyard and I always loved seeing them in the early spring!

    1. I hoped someone else would remember this poem, and I'm glad you recognized it, Debbie!

  10. We used to have pussy willow growing in our front garden when I was growing up, very fond memories. I've now got hellebores and daffodils in my garden :)

  11. Happy Spring! What a darling little poem. Sunday when the sun was out, I walked around the yard. Nothing is in bloom but the leaf buds on the lilac have a little green showing.


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