Tuesday, August 24, 2021

For Want of a Phone Charger Cable ...

 ... a blog post was lost delayed.

I meant to write a post about moving on Monday, but somehow in my rush to pack things to return to MD, I managed to misplace my phone charger. I have duplicates of my Kindle, ipod, and laptop chargers in both NJ and MD, but only one phone cord that I've been carrying back and forth. I probably set it down somewhere in NJ, but that meant I couldn't charge my phone or download any photos. So no blog post happened on Monday.

I ordered a pack of two of them from Amazon and like Amazon does so well, they were delivered today. Now my phone is charged and I've got pictures. 

My view on Friday as I had to "guard" the storage unit when we couldn't get the door closed.

Hot, humid, and sweaty, but sitting is easier than carrying heavy furniture. 

Who bought this very heavy wood furniture? It took two of us just to carry the headboard.

The dining room table is put together. 

We're gradually getting there.

The world's heaviest bed has been carried in and assembled. 

It almost looks like home.

There are still curtains to buy and hang, lamps to buy, and a million little things for Ryan to do, but he's all moved in. (Next time, he's on his own!) 


  1. It's looking good Bonny!! When we moved into our house (30 years ago) I swore we would never move ourselves again. Then when he was in college we helped Colin move into an apartment, then a house, then another apartment, then another...then we helped him and Mailing move into an apartment, then a townhouse and now, finally, their home. That about did me in. I'm too old for that nonsense! I'm just glad we gave them our piano so they HAVE TO HAVE professional movers when they want to move again - LOL

  2. It is starting to look like home (for Ryan)! I'm sure he's grateful for all the help ... and maybe not planning to move again anytime soon?! ;-)

  3. Looks like you all got your exercise in for the weekend! And you look pretty pleased to be guarding the storage unit rather than doing more of the heavy lifting! I hope Ryan knows how lucky he is to have the help (and also that the next time he moves, he should hire some professionals!).

  4. Bravo to all the movers for all that very hard work! It is beginning to look very settled (and I hope Ryan is feeling very settled as well!)

  5. Famous last words, Bonny! I hope Ryan stays put for a long time. You are great parents to help me out like this. I'm glad there were no injuries. There is nothing sweeter than looking about and realizing that all that is left is unpacking, and that can be done as needed. Good job!

  6. It must feel SO GOOD to have Ryan settled nearby. So good . . . that I'm pretty sure you didn't really mind the hauling and the guarding and sweating and tending to all the extremely tedious details that go into moving. Ryan's house looks fabulous! What a great place for him to land. I'm so happy for you. XO

  7. It's so great to have the heavy lifting done, though, right? And, oh, I hear you about a million little things... I think I'm down to the last couple hundred with Ann's house (and just in time, as her first guests are arriving on Sunday!).

  8. look in the battery box, that is where my candle remote was... Every time we moved our adult kids it was ALWAYS during a heat wave AND little to no AC. Brutal. I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore.


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