Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Unraveled Wednesday

I'm joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday, with some actual unraveling! After finishing the Creamsockles, I wanted to knit some more socks, this time in bright colors. I found those bright colors in Neon Nebula from PK Yarn on etsy. I cast on as soon as it arrived and started knitting happily.

But when I was approaching the end of the cuff ribbing I started to think. Because I used the Twisted German cast on, some of the yarn in the first orange stripe got consumed in casting on. It might have been better to use a coordinating yarn for the cuff, heel, and toes to solve this problem. So I searched my stash and came up with two possibilities.

The orange is probably better suited for socks, but that might mean I should start the leg of the sock with the pink stripe so I don't have too much orange next to each other. I haven't decided yet, partly because I'm not sure what the pink yarn is. So the sock now looks like this:

I'll quit overthinking and decide what to do soon so I'll have something to knit after I get my second vaccine shot this afternoon!

As for reading, I finished The Memory Collectors by Kim Neville and Night Waking by Sarah Moss. I'm taking a short break from reading Sarah Moss before I start Signs for Lost Children because I'm still reading Shuggie Bain (our next Read With Us book in case you missed that announcement). I've also just started a book that sounded perfect for reading just in case I'm suffering from post-vaccine side effects, Woodswoman by Anne LaBastille. It comes highly recommended from two people that I think are excellent judges of outdoor and nature writing, Vera and Jane

What are you knitting, reading, and unraveling this week?


  1. WILD yarn and I love it! Those are going to be such fun socks Bonny. Glad you were able to get a copy of Woodswoman (it can be hard to find sometimes) and I do hope you enjoy it. The Memory Collectors looks interesting. Best of luck with your second shot today - hope all goes well. (I'm making your chicken pot pie recipe for dinner tonight - can't wait!!)

  2. Neon ramen! These socks are going to be amazing -- do you think they will glow in the dark? I hope your second shot goes smoothly and you can relax afterwards.

    I finished my scrappy socks yesterday so am focusing on my sweater now (because it's supposed to go up to almost 80 today!). I am finally reading Summerwater after a long library wait!

  3. Oh man! I LOVE THAT YARN!! It is so awesome! I love the sock conundrum of cuffs, heels, and toes... I love them when they all match!

    And thank you for that book recommendation... I need a bit of a "calgon take me away" book right now.

  4. Those socks are going to be SO MUCH FUN -- to knit and to wear! I hope your 2nd immunization goes smoothly -- and that any side effects you may experience allow you to enjoy some downtime with both knitting and books! XO

  5. ooohhh those socks are gonna be a smile happening on your feet (no matter what you decide about the contrast) - and sending all the good wishes for your 2nd shot today. Sounds like a great idea to have a good book handy.

  6. I never think about sock cuffs much, maybe I should. I do think about heels and toes. I think I don't think about cuffs because I rarely wear socks with anything other than long pants. I think whatever color you pick will be just fine with that wild yarn. I started the Nils Shapiro books, and I am enjoying them. Thank you for the recommendation, Bonny. I don't think I will be reading Shuggie Bain with you. I am not up for a downer book these days, no matter how well written. Having said that, we will see if I change my mind later.

  7. Wow that is some bright sock yarn! I think the orange looks great with it, for what it's worth. Hooray for your 2nd vaccine shot!

  8. Those socks are going to be mighty cheerful on a gray day. Sometimes I wonder how I ever wore only white or dark socks. The Memory Collectors looks intriguing. Best of luck with that second shot. I love that so many of us are finishing the vaccination process. That is as much hope as there is joy in your yarn.

  9. whatever you decided, I LOVE the colors, what cheerfulness to behold as you sit and knit!


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