Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Unraveled Wednesday

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday, today with glimmers of a new idea for the Nervous Breakdown Hitchhiker. I've been working on it almost monogamously. Spending lots of time meditatively knitting causes me to become contemplative, and last week I was thinking about why I enjoyed it so much and what might add even more enjoyment. The answer to both questions? More color!

So I placed an order with Loopy Ewe and had these skeins in my hand in record time. I think they'll work wonderfully for what I'm imagining. 

It's not just more bright color that I'm craving, but also what those colors have come to represent in my mind. There are areas of brownish-gray in this yarn and I've come to think of these as depressive periods (even though I think this gray is lovely).

There are also areas of bright pink and these remind me of happy times.

Lastly, I've noticed some isolated stitches of a lovely blue that I've come to think of as times of being balanced and calm.

I think as I approach the last quarter of the shawl, I'll add one stripe of each color. I'm not sure how wide I'll make them. Maybe I'll just live on the wild side, knit them and see what I think works best. 

I'm still reading The Topeka School and better read harder because the wifi gods will whisk it back to the library in three days. I finished Caffeine which was a quick two-hour freebie from Audible, authored and narrated by Michael Pollan. I wish it had been longer because Michael Pollan! I also finished Indistractable but it was just a three-star average book for me. If you are interested, you can read my reviews by clicking on the books in the right-side sidebar.

What are you making and reading this week?


  1. I love how you're thinking about those colors. I have a trick for not losing stuff to the wifi gods . . .

    1. "I have a trick for not losing stuff to the wifi gods . . ."


  2. Love those colors and the symbolism you've associated with them!

    I suspect my trick is the same as Carole's, but if you turn your wifi off, the book shouldn't get whisked away.

  3. Oh, I love your hitchhiker-with-meaning plan! I can't wait to see how it all turns out. (And I'm eager to hear what you think of The Topeka School.) There is nothing quite like a library deadline to get my reading time in super-focus mode . . .

  4. ooohhh, YES!! I love where you're going with the colorstory on that Hitchhiker. and I'll bet you can finish that book AND beat the library gods!

  5. Wow! I am in awe of your wild and wonderful knitting idea! (and here I thought I was brilliant at figuring out the knitty math for my cladonia, but you WIN!)

  6. Love your colors for Hitchhiker, and all the thought you put into your color palette, you go girl!

  7. Loving your new yarn, new colors and the thought of what the colors represent - brilliant!! Yup - put your kindle in airplane mode and the book will stay there until you take it out of airplane mode. Also, I have found that if I am reading a book on my kindle (and don't go back to the home page), the book will not get whisked away!

  8. I love where you're taking this Hitchhiker.

    Regarding the ebook... if you can live without internet while you finish it, turning off wifi/data will keep the book from disappearing from your device!

  9. I have done the wifi trick as well with my ipad. :-) And I've got a library book I'm listening too on my phone that's due to get snatched soon too. I have a little trouble shutting the wifi off there (FOMO???) I love your colors and your free form thinking here! Can't wait to see what turns up!

  10. beautiful skeins and I love how each fits a 'mood'. I go in cycles of what colors I want to knit with and usually they coincide with the weather.

  11. Such pretty skeins of yarn. I am anxious to see how they play out in your project. That is a lovely shade of gray. I love a story woven into yarn and a project. A good yarn so to speak.

  12. I just got to this post today, Bonny, but Carole and others above are correct. Just turn off your wifi connection or put it into airplane mode, and the book will stay until you turn it back on. In fact, if I have saved them long enough, sometimes they just hang around. Weird, but true. Love what you are doing with color!


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