Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Something Different

John's advisor and major professor was originally born in Japan, came to the United States to do his Ph.D. in Iowa, and luckily for all his students, stayed here to teach. He has been a teacher, mentor, and a powerfully positive force in John's life. So much so that John and his previous boss (who both came from Dr. Nakatsugawa's lab) continue to visit him twice a year, making the eight-hour round trip drive to Syracuse even though they graduated 30 years ago. 

John returned with this thoughtful gift after his most recent visit a few weeks ago. Dr. Nakatsugawa knows that John loves roll cake and thought this one would be "something different". I am not a big fan of green tea, so I initially resisted. The center has some anko (sweet azuki bean paste) inside and while we had been introduced to this in ohagi (Japanese sweet sticky rice balls) at delicious dinners prepared by Dr. Nakatsugawa's wife, it is a bit of an acquired taste. John didn't want to have to eat a whole roll cake by himself, so I finally tried a slice. 

It was absolutely delicious! The green tea flavor was light and almost floral, the cream was sweet but not cloying, and I remembered how much I enjoyed the different taste of anko. I tried not to gobble it all down, but I did get the last piece.

Something different and おいしい (delicious in Japanese)!


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  1. It sounds interesting. I'd probably like it!

  2. It's certainly pretty to look at, and it's a shame you can't share a taste with us virtually!

  3. That looks lovely! I love how the Japanese eat first with their eyes...

  4. Oh boy, that looks delicious! I love all the little bean paste pastries I've had since Colin & Mailing have been together.

  5. That looks so pretty -- and tasty, too! WAY back in the day, when Tom was in grad school, one of his fellow students and labmates was from Japan. He and his wife used to invite us over quite often for incredibly delicious and always interesting Japanese meals. Sadly, we never had a roll cake. . .

  6. I had to chuckle: "I tried not to gobble it all down, but I did get the last piece." I must give it a try the next time I go to a Japanese tea room...

  7. What a wonderful thoughtful and labor intensive gift! Thrilled you enjoyed it!

    1. We're very lucky to have such generous and thoughtful friends!

  8. Oh yummmm!!! like you, I am not a fan of Green Tea ... except in baked goods. and that roll is so pretty! I tried a Green Tea Macaron on our trip and perfection!

  9. I'm glad it was delicious, and you are an adventurous eater! I would try it with extreme trepidation - I'm a picky eater.

  10. If I could I would eat as the Japanese do. I love their flavors and their beautiful presentations. I'm a little envious of your wonderful treat!


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