Thursday, October 24, 2019

Three on Thursday

I'm joining Carole and friends for Three on Thursday, today with three things that fall brings.

Flannel sheets

I've made the switchover in MD, and changing all the sheets here in NJ is on my list today. The fall days are still fairly warm, but having cozy flannel sheets takes the chill out of getting into bed. They also make me want to linger in bed a little longer in the morning, but the next item helps with that.

Good Tea

I look forward to a good cup of tea in the morning and I've found a couple of new ones that fit fall perfectly, Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold and Yorkshire Tea Biscuit Brew. The first one is a strong-bodied British brew that tastes so much better to me than weak American teas. I often enjoy the Biscuit Brew in the evening. The taste reminds me of tea with oatmeal cookies, and I've even taken wild decadence to another level by dunking a cookie or two in it. 

Apple Cider

We're lucky enough to have the largest apple orchard in NJ local to us, and they press their own cider. I always try to get some apple cider there during the brief window that it's available. It's fresh, sweet, and tastes like fall. They've also started crafting their own hard cider. With five different varieties available, I think it might be a good idea to drink locally and try them all. 

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  1. Three very good things! (We have been sampling some local hard cider's as well!)

  2. I would love to have flannel sheets for the cooler weather, but alas I think my warm-blooded other half would declare them too warm. Cider is something we can both enjoy, though, so thanks for the reminder to look out for some (particularly of the hard variety).

  3. Those are great things and that's a lovely photo. I've got the Yorkshire Gold in my Amazon cart right now.

  4. Am I weird? I love crawling into bed when the sheets are cold! I like the room pretty cold, too. I don't think I even own a set of flannel sheets for our bed, though I have employed flannel or heavyweight knit nightgowns. And a super-warm down comforter.

    Hm. Some of my crew might enjoy that strong British brew! (Christmas is coming.)

    We went along one year when my aunt & uncle took their small orchard harvest to be pressed. A combo of apples and pears. They made gallons and gallons of the stuff and would freeze it -- especially when their kids were little. It was the best juice I ever had!!

  5. I'm always too warm for flannel sheets, I like cold sheets under a nice warm blanket.
    I love visiting orchards at this time of year and enjoy the local cider, the apples, and apple cider doughnuts. I picked up a sample of Yorkshire Gold at a tea shop last week and haven't tried it yet. My favorite tea is a good Earl Gray. Enjoy these autumn days!

    1. Everyone deserves their own type of comfort in bed and I'm glad you've found yours! Your mention of Earl Grey reminds me of how good it tastes (and smells). Maybe that's what will be in my mug tonight!

  6. I'm a big fan of British teas (Indian blends). A good strong cup in the morning just starts my day off. If I didn't have a good tea I just wouldn't drink anything! Smith isn't a flannel sheet fan and I wear my warm flannel nightgown to make up for the chill of getting into bed. Sleeping with ice wrapped around my knee has been an especially difficult challenge. We've never had the heat on at night, but I just had to! I'm very happy that part of this challenge is behind me. I only need wear ice during the day. (Love your photo!)

  7. What a gorgeous photo, Bonny! I put my flannel sheets on the bed a couple of weeks ago. It is the ultimate in cozy, comfortable sleeping! (Tom doesn't mind either, although he does keep the ceiling fan turned on low . . . just to balance things out.) I think I need to try some of those yummy sounding teas . . . XO

  8. That Biscuit Brew sounds so good! I really enjoy malty beverages. If I had a local cider, I would be all over it, Bonny. I love pork roast cooked in cider. It's a little early for flannel sheets down here, but I do have a flannel top sheet on my bed for a light cover over my summer blanket. It's lovely to note and enjoy the pleasures of fall instead of dreading winter. Thanks for reminding me!

  9. Fall! My fave season and your Three Things totally entice the opening photo and wondering where the heck the flannel sheets have disappeared?! Curious...
    Enjoy Fall!

  10. I like green tea, I'll look for it! I think I would cook in my bed with flannel sheets, I miss the days when I was always cold (before being a 'mature' woman).

  11. Beautiful photo of the fall foliage reflected in the water. I found a local tea shop last winter. I have become fond of white loose leaf tea steeped in a basket in a small pot. There are so many teas to try.


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