Thursday, July 26, 2018

Three on Thursday

Joining Kat and Carole for Three on Thursday, and today it's with three things that are blooming. These aren't the usual flowers, but they are interesting blossoms I've seen on my damp morning walkabouts in the yard.

I think everyone on the east coast has mushrooms blooming in their yard this week. 

We've had about 8.5" of rain over the last week, another 1.5" tonight and tomorrow, and even more rain predicted every day next week. There seems to be no end in sight, and I do wish I could send rain to those of you who need it. 

Blooming thing #2 isn't typically considered a bloom, but it is the blossoming of fruit, and I'm so excited about them that I have to share.

There are limes (lots of them) on my lime tree! These are the largest (about 3/4" long), and there are probably about 50 of them scattered throughout the branches. I'm seriously considering taking the plant with me to MD next week because I don't want to leave it here, defenseless against the squirrels' evil ways. I can't imagine that squirrels like limes, but I'm sure they won't hesitate to gnaw and destroy them just to upset me. 

Blooming thing #3 is popcorn!

I vaguely remembered something from college botany that the tassels and silk really were blossoms on the corn plant, and it turns out my hazy memories had some merit. Corn is monoecious, which means that it grows male and female flowers on the same plant. 

The tassels on top are the male flowers that produce pollen,

and the ear with the corn silk is the female flower. Wind carries the pollen from the tassels to the silk, where fertilization occurs and a kernel starts to grow. I've simplified quite a bit (and probably still told you more than you wanted to know), but the tassels and ear are indeed blooms. 

I won't be arranging any bouquets with these blossoms, but I'm really excited about all of the lovely blooms!

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  1. Those are great things growing! No mushrooms, limes or popcorn here but we do have squash and cukes and lots of jalapenos!

  2. Oh, that mushroom! Lots of rain is quite common here, so we usually do have mushrooms in summer. but we're in a terrible drought right now. Limes! A lime tree is very high on my wishlist for when we move. And corn, love those flowers. I've grown corn a few years and really like how they look. Not for bouquets indeed, but still beautiful.

    1. I've tried growing lime trees from seeds, but never got any fruit, even after waiting several years. I bought this one and am excited that it's bloomed and produced fruit so prolifically!

  3. Because we're getting lots of rain SOME of the time, and no rain OTHER times ... we have our share of mushrooms in the garden/lawn this year. It's fascinating, really, how many different kinds can grow in one garden border. I do hope your rain subsides, though. At least for a while. (Your limes are so exciting!!!)

  4. This is great!! (And I think you should definitely do whatever it takes to keep that lime tree safe from squirrels!!)

  5. Those limes are amazing! I am so impressed and I would take it with me as well to watch over those beautiful morsels!

  6. It is too dry here fo mushrooms. And a lime tree - how cool is that?

  7. Well, now that we've discussed corn sex on your blog, do you have to apply for an ADULT CONTENT tag????

    I'd be tempted to take the lime tree with me too. Those critters can be ruthless.

  8. My yard shares none of your botany--but its fun to see. WE have struggling tomatoes (they'll get there, they had a cool and shady start) and tons of flowers.

  9. Oh, I know so little about growing plants, etc...certainly didn't know about corn...Enjoy your trip...and take the lime tree.

  10. Thank-you for that botany lesson! And you must take the lime tree! I heard gimlets taste better in DE. :-)

  11. Your posts are often educational, and I like that! It's nice to learn something. I did not know that about corn. And yes, please send rain when you can. It is so dry here. And I totally agree you should take your lime tree with you. Squirrels don't like tomatoes either, but that never stops them from taking a bite of every damn one of them off every plant I grow. They will just mess with it if you let them. I suppose they are curious and looking for food, but it is so frustrating. That's exciting about your lime tree being so heavy with fruit!

  12. Limes - how exciting. Honestly I bet the squirrels would pick the limes. They stop at nothing. I can't understand why they don't root around in the compost - what a feast - instead of picking tomatoes off the plants.

  13. WOW! So excited you have limes. Definitely take the tree to MD. Corn sex (as Dee says) - LOL. I found it very interesting. Should be fun to try that popcorn.

  14. We live in a very dry place (especially this year!), but overwatering of lawns and flowerbeds produce crops of mushrooms. I've seen some beautiful specimens of tiny mushrooms this year, but never anything like your fat buddha of a 'shroom. Our corn is growing so quickly and I love to watch the flowers come forth and the tassels start to show. I knew wind was important to corn and at least 6 plants were suggested for small beds. Now I know why! Thank you, Bonny!

  15. I haven't even checked where the garden is located yet alone the volunteers....we've been neglectful and I'm not the gardener in the marriage. Oh well, I love your photos and the growings :)


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