Thursday, March 22, 2018

Three from Wednesday

My plans did unravel a bit yesterday, and I never got a chance to post. So for today's Three on Thursday I'm going to give you three things that happened yesterday that I was going to include in my Unraveled Wednesday post. Cheating or efficiency? I'll let you be the judge. :-)

This picture doesn't pertain to the post, but it's all I've got this morning, and it reminds me of spring!

1.  My mother-in-law has been in the hospital since Monday the 12th, hoping that some intensive care could get her well enough to undergo a cardiac catheterization so would have a better idea of any treatment options. She was all set to undergo the procedure this Monday the 19th, but her kidney function was still not good enough to withstand the dye that would have to be injected. The doctors finally decided to do it yesterday, the day with 12-16" of snow in the forecast.

2.  After dithering about whether I should go to the hospital or not, I finally decided I would give it a try. It seemed important to my mil that somebody was there with her, and since nobody else could do it, that somebody was me. I got there after she had already gone into the cath. lab, but I asked a nurse to let her know I was there, and then waited with my knitting. 

3.  I sat in the waiting room long enough that I finished
The Winter King. I was able to give my mil a hug before she returned to her room and I started a somewhat treacherous drive home. I got home safely, shoveled the first 12" of snow, then shoveled another 7" this morning. I may be suffering from both storm fatigue and hospital fatigue, so today is for watching English gardening shows on Netflix and knitting as much as possible.

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  1. Ugh, what a day you had! I think you have earned your day of garden watching and knitting. I hope it includes a cup or two of hot tea! I hope that you MiL is doing better!

  2. Oh boy. Wishing all the best for your MIL! Your plans for today sound lovely.

  3. My best wishes to your MIL! Enjoy your day of looking at lovely gardens and knitting...hope it brings refreshment and restoration!

  4. Sorry your day was so stressful (in many different ways). All the best wishes for your MIL and I'm sure she was grateful for your presence. Take good care of yourself today.

  5. Hospital trips are stressful enough without the added stress of traveling on snowy roads. I'm glad you made it home safely and I hope you can recharge yourself today.

  6. I'm glad you were able to be there for your MIL ... and that you made it home. You most definitely deserve some R&R - and your plans for that sound perfect!

  7. I say you are being very efficient with this post, and after the day you had, being efficient is very smart! I hope your MIL does well. And WHAT A WOMAN! Shoveling snow, being the stalwart DIL, traveling in bad conditions, doing everything you must and a lot of what you think you should. Now you just need to pull out that bow and get some venison, Bonny! I hope you have a wonderfully restful day doing whatever you like. You deserve that and more.

  8. Definitely not cheating.
    I hope you're resting today. (It was so wonderful of you to be there with your mother-in-law. Trust me. . . my m-i-l would not be that fortunate.) (Did I say that out loud???)
    (What English garden shows?????)

  9. I'm glad you could be there for your MIL.
    Surely a scary time for all.
    A quiet day will help restore your strength, I'm glad for you, too.

  10. Oh my goodness. You have had more than your fair share. I do hope there is some peace coming your way soon.

  11. My MIL would have wanted the same, a person of the family, to be a backup. We all need someone to cover for us and you fit that bill for that day, and I bet, more to come. Strength, sunshine is coming.
    Knitting, sitting, reading = in-between-easy “jobs”.

    1. It seemed so important to her just to know that someone was there, so I'm glad I went. It was a good thing for me, too, to be supportive. And you are right, there is abundant sunshine here today!

  12. Your m-i-l will be ever grateful you were there for her. It's tough to go through something major without support around you. After that drive and the feet of snow you've had to deal with you deserve a day to do anything you wish!

  13. you are the perfect daughter in law! I'm glad you got home safely thru that crazy storm. I hope I get a daughter in law as thoughtful and caring!


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