Monday, August 7, 2017

Musical Revelations

I (used to) hate country music, but this weekend has brought some musical revelations (and no one is more surprised than I am.) I'm not sure where my intense dislike of country came from, but it goes waayy back, and because I already knew I didn't like country music, I never listened to any. (Yes, now I see the problem with that.)

But then I got a text from Justin. His tastes in music are wide-ranging, and after a year in Texas, they certainly include country music. He has taken on the tough job of trying to broaden the genres of music that I listen to, and will often make suggestions.

It only took me two weeks, but I did listen to "Backyard Lullaby". My bias against country music kicked in at the beginning, but after listening several times, I was intrigued.

I asked Justin if he could recommend another similar song and he suggested "Workin' On" by Colt Ford.

I really like this one and have been listening to both songs pretty much nonstop this weekend. Once I started actively listening to the lyrics, I thought, "Hey, they're singing about my kid, me, and so many of us." I think that deep down we all have many of the same problems, and many of the same ways to try and cope.

Shutting off our pride, fixing bridges we burned,
learning how to live and learn
Keeping our demons down and our trucks up and running
Fighting with the man in the mirror til we gone
Yeah, that’s what all us good ol’ boys gonna go out workin’ on

Giving more forgiveness, picking battles worth choosing
Little less cussin’ and losin’ my temper and my tools
Dialin’ down my restless, outgrowing my reckless
Realizin’ what I got what I got before it’s gone
That’s what this good ol' boy’s gonna go out
Workin’ on

Owning up to my weakness, keeping it humble but strong
Doin’ the best I can with this flesh and bone

The song was originally written to bring attention to soldiers suffering from PTSD, and while I am neither a soldier nor a good ol' boy, these lyrics are completely honest and relatable for me, and I like the combination of rap/spoken word and a good melody. After Justin told me that this genre was called hick hop, I was really tickled. 

So thanks to Justin, Demun, and Colt for a revelation, some really enjoyable songs, and a new (dare I say?) love for a new genre. I have a lot of hick hop to check out!


  1. Hick hop! Who knew???? My son also shares music "revelations" with me . . . although they are usually along the lines of some new hipster-alternative something-or-other. :-) As a graduate of both the University of Wyoming and the University of Texas, there is a soft spot in my heart for good old country music (so danceable!) . . . but I've really not listened to much "new" country stuff. Maybe I need to have Justin send me recommendations, too? XO

  2. eep, I think I will be delving into a new to me music genre :) I love how music expresses ideas and feeling and the more I hear rap the more I love it (my husband doesn't like it much....). I listen to top 40 music so I'm in the know of what kids are listening to these days.

  3. Hick Hop! I have to admit I laughed out loud at that phrase! Hahaha! Very interesting - and catchy! Thank you for sharing and expanding my music vocabulary!

  4. What a great term - Hick Hop! Who Knew?? I need to find time to listen to these. I listen almost exclusively to classical or jazz but welcome the suggestion!

  5. When you wade into (or through) the genre of country and the new hick-hop, you will find many lyrical gems. I occasionally listen to country, but find Americana more accessible. Anyway, there are many rising artists in country, like the two you mention, who have tapped into the American heart (maybe I should say the American gut).

  6. Thanks to Alexa, I am getting back into music! She didn't know Hick Hop (or maybe she just doesn't understand me...) but when I asked for Colt Ford, she started right off with Workin' On - I do like it! Sounds like (;-) Justin might be doing guest posts here every so often!

  7. It's always fun to listen to something new, I'm glad you let Justin make some suggestions. Hick Hop is an awesome name!


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