Friday, July 14, 2017

Random Bits and Pieces

A random bits and pieces post worked well last week, so I thought I'd try it again (maybe even as a regular thing?). It seems like a good way to share those little things I've collected, run across, or photographed throughout the week. I might have some real winners!

The week started with a spectacularly frustrating and aggravating situation that had been brewing for almost six weeks, but I was finally made aware of it on Monday. You probably wouldn't believe it if I recounted the whole convoluted story, so let's just say it was a perfect storm of incredible overreach, incompetence, and bureaucracy between the USPS, DMV, and an insurance company. The form above is called a change of change form (at least the name made me laugh) which is what you'll need if someone changes your address without notifying you. Check the Invalid Request box, submit the form to the USPS, cross your fingers and hope for the best ...

On a much better note, I'm usually paying attention to the floral show outdoors at this time of year, but the orchid blooming inside on my kitchen windowsill is looking quite beautiful. It's a pleasure to do dishes while appreciating the lovely purple orchids right in front of me.

We had a tradition when the boys were young that if the temperature reached 100° , we would have ice cream for dinner. It hasn't been quite that hot here lately, but the heat indices have been over the 100°  mark this week. I haven't yet resorted to ice cream for dinner, but there is still plenty of time left in the summer.

But this morning we're getting some much-needed rain and it's much cooler. So, at least for now, I'm not quite as cranky from the heat, hoping my change of change form goes into effect, and life is just a bowl of cherries (for breakfast). Hope your weekend is a good one!


  1. Oh ugh to bureaucracy - best of luck with that one! Your orchid is stunning! What a gorgeous shade. And the pictures of your boys - too precious!! Boy did we have some downpours last night! I'm enjoying the bit of relief too this morning (but it is still stinkin' humid....). Have a wonderful weekend Bonny.

  2. Bureaucracy. Sigh. Ice cream for dinner sounds like a great idea! It's cool and rainy here today but summer promises to return tomorrow!

  3. Ice cream for dinner? you are a fun mom! I never thought of that...I'm not understanding the form which is why you are probably blogging about it. I hope it gets sorted out for you soon.

  4. It's no wonder you're aggravated and frustrated. Then to have 100 degrees on top of all that. Fingers crossed for a quick fix to your problem. The orchids are outstanding!! Here's to a calm weekend with no aggravating circumstances.

  5. Change of change form is clearly from the Department of Redundancy Department ...

  6. The perfect storm! I have my legs, ankles and fingers xxxd that your problem will be solved soon and to your advantage. The orchid is lovely and I think ice cream is in order, just because! Enjoy! And Happy Weekend!

  7. I love these bits and pieces posts! I have had a very frustrating week as well, and you know, misery loves company. All first world problems, but after a while you feel like pulling your hair out. I hope your USPS problem gets resolved. I don't have a very positive history with them. I wish I had an orchid that beautiful to look at when I was doing dishes. It's gorgeous. I am sure I have had ice cream for dinner, but the most memorable dinner with the youngun was coming home from the movies and just having apple pie. The three of us ate a whole pie, and we were all very happy about it. Have a great weekend!

    1. I'm sorry for your frustrating week, and at least we can eventually laugh at our first world problems with company. It really cheers me up to hear that three of you ate a whole pie and were very happy about it! Here's hoping the coming week is a better one, with no hair-pulling and maybe some pie!

  8. Change of Change form? LOL I think there are many things that could use that form! And, I think if the heat index says 100 it is more than okay to have ice cream for breakfast, lunch,and dinner! :)

  9. Boy I hope that Change of Change form works - what a nightmare! the orchids are lovely, as is the idea of ice cream for dinner and cherries for breakfast. Hope you're finding ways to stay cool this weekend!


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