Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Earlier this summer, Kat presented her brilliant idea for a Summer Knit-Along. As far as I'm concerned, this is ingenious because there is really no way to fail.

Do you have some knitting you need or want to get done?
Is there a project you are itching to cast on?
Do you just want to meander down a lazy river, working on one single project all summer?
Is your basket of WIP’s about to overtake your house?
Do you want to have some encouragement, laughter, and crafting fun?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then consider joining us for a summer of fun!

I joined, set some goals, and have been knitting, albeit slowly and sporadically. Life, the garden, heat, and humidity have provided me with some excuses as to why I haven't been knitting as much as I had hoped, but Kat's update also reminded me that although there are no rules, I don't accomplish much with no plans. So, here are my initial goals, updates and some plans:

Finish my most recent Hitchhiker - This is the project I'm working on most consistently. I love the color and do want to finish it soon, because while I'm knitting it, I'm also busy planning my next one. I'm at 35 teeth, and the plan is to do at least one tooth/day and finish this by July 19th.

Finish a baby blanket - I've only done a few rows on this one, mainly because my semi-crappy yarn got hopelessly tangled in the skein and I spent 90 minutes fixing that before I threw the whole thing in a bag in disgust. The baby isn't due until October, but I still need to finish this. The plan is to work on this when I can stand having a blanket on my lap, and get it done by September 16th.

Finish a pair of socks - I'm on the toe decreases on one sock and need to start the second one, but they are footie socks so there is really no excuse for not finishing these this summer so I can wear them. For these, I'm going to put them in my bag as my carry-along project and do some rows whenever I have a few minutes. Hopefully this will get them done before the end of summer.

Start a pair of fingerless gloves - I found some perfect camouflage yarn on sale and thought maybe Justin could use a pair of fingerless gloves. I'm not sure he'll need them in Texas, but it has to cool down below 105° there eventually, right? This is going to be a "reward"; if (when!) I finish the first three projects, I can wind the yarn, cast on, and have a new small project to work on.

A goal without a plan is just a wish. ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery
It's time for me to quit wishing and carry out some plans to achieve those goals!


  1. I love all of these projects! It's hard to get things done though isn't it? If I get the mystery shawl and a pair of socks done I'll feel some accomplishment.

  2. First things first - I LOVE all the blue in this post. From the Hitchhiker to the footie socks, they just scream summer skies! And, I think that fingerless gloves are the perfect reward and that yarn will be perfect - and yes, I believe that it does get cooler in Texas (a friend's sister lives there and he has visited a number of times and wished he had something warmer for the early morning/night) I love your plans Bonny!!

  3. What a wonderful set of WIPs - like Kat says, all those the blues are stunning! and I'm glad you've got a good carrot at the end of the stick. I find having a project I'm looking forward to helps me finish. good luck!

  4. you've got a color theme case you didn't notice! I am going to try (really!) to make some sort of list. eventually! My sister and her family are arriving this Friday so I'm busy being busy with boring household stuff.

  5. Those are some lofty goals! I bet you can do it, though.

  6. I did a hitchhiker earlier this year. Keep thinking about making another one, but too many projects get in the way. I LOVE that shade of blue you are using for yours!!
    There is a free pattern on Ravelry right now - called jagged triangular scarf (think that is the name). That will be my next cast on... and among other things, I'm slowly knitting my Pincha...

    Linda in VA

  7. Your goals and plans sound very doable, not too lofty or arrogant, which usually gets me into trouble. You've inspired me to think more about a plan, rather than just hitting the knitting bag catch as catch can. I know I can do a better job. I LOVE the color of your current Hitchhiker!


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