Thursday, May 5, 2016

Looking beyond dreary

This post was supposed to be about the lovely, bright Hitchhiker I've been knitting. I even had the photo composed in my mind -- pinned on the clothesline, blowing gently in a spring breeze, with a brilliant blue sky as a backdrop to show off all the colors.

Two things prevented that from happening. The main reason is that I'm not quite done with the project, and we've also not seen a brilliant blue sky here for about nine days. All we've had is rain, downpours, showers, grey skies, and cold, dismal weather. I'm getting tired of it, along with everyone else, and more of the same is predicted for the next seven days.

While I was filling the bird feeders during the ten minutes it wasn't raining, I took a look around and discovered that despite all the grey dreariness, there were still quite a few bright spots in the form of blooming flowers. These aren't all mine, and most of them are soaking wet, but a quick walk around the neighborhood produced enough bright spots to keep me happy for a while.

I hope your day is full of bright spots no matter the weather!


  1. Bright blooms usually do the trick for me when I need a bright spot! Those are lovely -- and much needed. Because we've been stuck in that same weather pattern. Ugh. I am ready for some sunshine and spring warmth, that's for sure. Thanks for the bright spots!

  2. Those spots of brightness are so lovely! All this grey and rain and trying to keep the grass manageable between downpours!

  3. Pretty flowers in those photos and just what I need, too, because we have that same weather here. I'm trying not to let it bug me but, man, it's depressing.

  4. How pretty! I love Rhododendrons and Dogwood, but we don't have many here as they don't grow well in our climate.

    But when I looked out my window this morning, I was happy to see that the first blooms on my Clematis opened today!

  5. I love the dogwood and know of only a few trees around here. We've had a spectacular spring blooming season with a mix of blue skies and gray dreary days. Now it's onto summer. I hope you get some blue skies soon!

  6. ha! this looks like a post I might've written :-) blooms always make me smile!


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