Thursday, June 18, 2015

Book Bingo 2015: The Plan

My goal for Book Bingo 2015 is to try to cover all the squares on my card. I'm not a competitive or terribly goal-oriented reader, but for Book Bingo last summer, I ended up reading 24 books (without any planning beforehand!) and read some of the best books ever. I'm hoping that something similar will happen this year. I'm trying to not buy any new books (Our Souls at Night and Go Set a Watchman are the exceptions), so I've scoured my to-read list, perused my bookshelves at home, gone through books I already own in my Audible and Kindle libraries, and borrowed from the library to arrive at my plan.

What I've Read/Am Reading So Far:
What I Plan to Read Next:
Unplanned Squares (So Far):
  • An academic/campus novel
  • Borrowed from the library
  • Found in a used bookstore
  • Graphic novel
  • About a disease
  • With food as the theme
  • That you chose because of the cover
  • Cozy mystery
  • An audiobook
Hmm...Seeing this all written down, I can see that I better get reading, especially with that "At least 800 pages" book looming in the future, and nine unplanned squares. I do have some ideas for those, but they seem a bit easier to fill in so I'm leaving them open for now. I welcome your suggestions, especially for the academic, disease, and food squares!

The planning and reading have been enjoyable so far, although this seemed almost effortless last summer. I'm betting that the next time I bring home a big stack of books from the library and settle myself on the front porch swing, the real pleasures of summer reading will return!


  1. I admire all of you who tackle this summer project! What you're read so far would fill my summer reading alone! I'm in awe!

  2. good luck and keep me up to date! I'm just trying to read more and so far I am achieving that goal!

  3. For academic how about Dear Committee Members - that was very funny and it's not terribly long. For food, if you like mysteries, I'd recommend one of the Goldy Schultz books. Or Ruth Reichl's Tender at the Bone. Good luck!

  4. May I suggest Moo by Jane Smiley as your "academic/campus novel"? It is hilarious.

  5. wow. I finally UNDERSTAND the book bingo craze!. Your selections are very interesting . I hear the book, DEEP DARK DOWN about the miners is fantastic.

  6. YAY!!! I love Carole's suggestions. For the campus novel, I listened to Wonder Boys last year and really enjoyed it (but Dear Committee Members is on my TBR list too). I'm about to embark on The Emperor of All Maladies and I'm hoping it lives up to my high expectations. I have no other thoughts about a disease. The categories this year seem harder...I'm definitely reading "harder" books than I think I read last summer. Maybe I should've saved "happy ending" for the end instead of knocking it out first!

  7. I'm reading Fast Food Nation for my food-related square. (I'm also a bit daunted by my over-800 pages square.) Gotta get reading!!!


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