Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: 9 + 1

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Things You Did This Weekend. It wasn't a big extravaganza here, but low-key is fine with me! Here are nine things I did this weekend, along with one important thing I didn't do:

  1. Said goodbye to both sons on Sunday.
  2. Said goodbye to my husband when he left on a business trip to England.
  3. Mourned John Nash. I once rode with him on an elevator at Princeton, and even though he was simply a quiet, elderly man for the several minutes we were in the elevator, he was a commanding presence. Mr. Nash was a unique genius with an incredible wealth of mathematical contributions and this is truly a sad and tragic loss.
  4. Mowed the lawn. I even trimmed, since my birthday present last year was a good rechargeable weed trimmer. (I know, my husband spoils me!)
  5. Putzed around in the garden - planting, weeding, and watering. I also fiddled in the flower beds - pruning, weeding, and watering.
  6. Took care of some vacation details - transportation to the airport, bought fishing licenses, assessed knitting and reading to take along, held the mail, etc.
  7. Cleaned out all of the linen storage areas, Kon Mari style. These included a linen cupboard, a gigantic storage space in the bathroom, drawers in both sons' rooms, and several piles in the back bedroom. We've got four beds here, and the boys have sheets, comforters, blankets, towels, and curtains from their college days, so it was time to pile it all in Ryan's room (once he wasn't in it!), and spend the afternoon choosing what to put back. 
  8. Read - trying to get a good start on Book Bingo!
  9. Knit - this helps a lot when you miss your sons.
  10. Thankfully, I did not electrocute my husband this weekend. Our gardening efforts involve an epic battle against the deer, groundhogs, squirrels, rabbits, and raccoons that seem to be under the mistaken impression we plant the smörgåsbord for them. We've always powered the electric fence surrounding the garden with a solar rechargeable power source, but it died this year and a regular plug-in model was half the cost of a new solar battery. I had unplugged the battery for mowing, then plugged it back in when I was done. I told John that it was plugged in, but that seems to be one of the rare occasions he wasn't listening to me. He was weeding near the fence, and before I could yell, he touched the fence and the charge knocked him back a few feet. It looks like the fence will scare away the varmints, and a valuable lesson was learned about the importance of listening to your wife.


  1. Yowza! So glad nothing more serious happened in that electrical incident! Otherwise it sounds like a great weekend.

  2. Oh . . . wow! That fence . . . It always helps me to get really busy when I'm missing my kids (although I will say that their empty rooms come in really handy for organizing other parts of the house). It sounds like your weekend was very productive - with a bit of time for relaxing, too. (Also . . . I love your porch.)

  3. Your porch looks inviting! Glad the no one was electrocuted. :D

  4. Everything looks great! And the fence...I've touched one, ouch! Sorry both the boys are gone...but looking forward to hearing about your upcoming vacation!

  5. Your garden looks so neat and tidy! And I LOVE your front porch!

  6. That's frightening ! What is book bingo?
    I need to weed. Im reading BEAUTIFUL EYES by Paul Austin. Lovely book

  7. Your gardens look lovely! That was very sad about John Nash. I think I am going to join Book Bingo. Carole convinced me!

  8. Very happy to hear your husband survived the experience. Hope some of your weekend knitting took place on that lovely porch!

  9. whew! you did a lot! (as much as I LOVE getting away for the weekend, it's now Wednesday and I'm just starting to feel "caught up") Your house and gardens look so ready for summer - pretty and colorful! Hope you're enjoying the empty house and getting a lot more reading and knitting done. (and p.s. I didn't realize John Nash had passed...what a loss)

  10. my son goes back next week and I'm sad about that...but like you I have knitting and other stuff to do :)


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