Monday, December 1, 2014

Amaryllis Cam(aryllis) - Week Two

Ruby on the left is growing very slowly but steadily, with the beginnings of leaves and the flower stalk just starting to show. Overachiever Rosa has shot up about three inches during this past week, but she's not showing any signs of leaves yet. Blanche had already been adopted by the time I got back to the grocery store, but I have a plan that will hopefully come to fruition by Week Three. Ruby and Rosa have two other amaryllis cousins cooling their heels, but they won't be ready to wake up for reblooming until late December or early January. This is my favorite kind of holiday decorating!

Ruby and Rosa Week 2

Ruby and Rosa Week 1


  1. Oh yes! Amaryllis watch! I think I need to go shopping tonight and find one or two to watch, too!

  2. Wow - look at them! I am such a failure when it comes to gardening. Especially indoor plants. I cant' wait to see their progress.

  3. I bought an amaryllis and paperwhites last week. The amaryllis had already bloomed in the box but I planted it anyway because I was too lazy to take it back to the store. Do you think it will bloom again?

  4. I'm buying one tomorrow! Rosa is such a show off!!

  5. complete novice here, but thinking we need a Southern it too late to join? I could probably find amaryllis and paperwhites - is one easier (I need the easy one!)


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