Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

When I first read this week's Ten on Tuesday topic, 10 Chores You Hate Most, I thought I'd easily be able to name 20 or more. I was really quite surprised that I could only come up with a few, so I'm calling my list The 5 Chores You Hate Most.

1. Dusting
I don't mind vacuuming; I love laundry, and sometimes I even enjoy washing windows, but I hate to dust. I think that's because I don't enjoy moving everything to dust surfaces, dusting the stuff, and putting it all back. Too much work!

2. Mending
As a mother of two boys, it seems like I was always mending something while they were growing up - torn knees in jeans, replacing buttons on shirts, fixing zippers on coats, or repairing backpacks worn thin by dragging them on the ground. This doesn't happen nearly as often now, but I still have to mend knit items. While cleaning Younger Son's room the other day, I found this hat I had knit for him last year, and almost cried when I saw the holes in it. I've Googled and watched plenty of reknitting videos on Youtube; now I'm just gathering my strength and patience while the hat rests in the freezer, just in case it was moths and not the carelessness of a 20-year old!

3. Taxes
I do our taxes, and while they're not especially difficult, I resent every single minute I have to work on them to get a refund of our own money, or worse yet, to find out we owe money. 1040, W-2, W-4, 1099, Form 8283, 5498-SA,  - I hate them all!

4. Painting
I don't like scraping, sanding, priming, masking, and trying to paint straight lines around woodwork. About the only thing I do enjoy painting is nice, big, flat surfaces where I can't make too much of a mess.

5. Polishing Silver
Polishing silver may seem like a bit of an anachronism, but I do have some family silver pieces that I love. I enjoy the gleam of these pieces when they're polished, but my enjoyment of the polishing process wears thin before all the silverware, serving pieces, and the whole tea set is shining.

Maybe I should put on Downton Abbey, get polishing, and quit whining!

So what chores do you hate most? I'd be happy to do some of your most-hated chores if you want to do some of mine!


  1. I loathe cleaning the showers. Anything else is okay for me. I have never polished silver but I can imagine hating that one :)

  2. I remember polishing my moms silver! I guess that's why I do not own any.

  3. I always thought polishing the silver was such a quick reward that I LOVED doing it. Unfortunately, that has faded with age, and I've begun to think these things need a patina. Oh. Well, except for the silver plate flatware in my silver chest - thank GOD for silver cloth. Saves all that work! ;)


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